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  1. Siemens hmi

    Hi, Some of the backup can be decompiled and you will know which of PLC variable is connected to HMI object. And not only that info. Users, password and other things might be reviled  Knowing that you may build a new project for your HMI. Is that OK for you? But you did not wrote anything about your HMI. Is your panel a text display or is touchscreen type? Send me more details and a backup of your HMI.
  2. Siemens LOGO PID

    Hi, LOGO has no PID function. Only PI.
  3. S7-200 PLC

    Hello, You may need to select the new type of CPU on the project, then compile and download if no errors occurs in compilation phase. Normally should not be errors on compilation, but... Or you may go online with new CPU and when you try to download, a warning should appear and will ask you to change CPU type.
  4. S7-200 PPI cable

    Hi again,  No need to work that much.  You can buy even much cheaper than you build yourself. One more think: No USB to RS485, because you need to select Com port as communication path on Microwin. Selection USB is for genuine Siemens adapter,.
  5. S7-200 PPI cable

    Hi, Dont follow this drawing.  You have to create an RS232-RS485 converter. I did also RS232-RS485 converter and it works for S7-200. 

    You use ModBus communication, therefore on outputs the values are automatically allocated to registers.You can read the values from registers. Check on LOGO allocation table the register you need. Be aware that outputs must be shifted with -1 There is no output 0 on LOGO,  but 1

    Hi, You must allow LOGO to be accessible    Go to online settings \ Access control settings  and allow data to be accessed by Ethernet. I am not sure also about your program, but might be also necessary to add on parallel with your output Q1, an network output NQ1( V0.0 for example). Then you will check in HMI the status of  network output,  respectively status of V0.0 Try those things and let us know your results. 
  8. Logo mem card

    Hi, did you switch off and try to start BM without memory cartridge ? Then was no program in BM? Try to copy and remove memory without power off. Was a password request when you copied the program?
  9. Logo mem card

    What I understood is that you did not copy the program from memory cartridge into LOGO BM (base module). 1. You need to copy program into BM 2. Connect your laptop and upload the program from BM into your laptop.Save-it into you laptop. 3. Modify the program as you need and download-it int o BM.   Attacheed you will find instructions about working with memory cartridge. Send me feedback about your progress.LOGO 6 working with memory card.pdf   It looks like I cannot attach the file. Please check next document from original link You will find necessary info on pages 203-215.
  10. Logo mem card

    Hi, I guess that the LOGO hardware that you have is an old version, lower than LOGO 7. I know that the same connector is used for programming and also to insert memory cartridge or battery cartridge.
  11. Logo mem card

    Hello Beny, I am a bit confused by your question:  You want to retrieve program from a battery cartridge? Or from a memory cartridge? My English is poor,  but I have some experience with LOGO and I intend to help you.
  12. Siemens S7-1200 & drives series in Labview

    Have a look on YouTube. Search for PC Simu . If you like them, then search for download link. It has drivers for Logo, S7 200, S7-1200,  S7-1500. Is free of charge. All you need is a password.  You will obtain free of charge just asking to creator by e-mail. His e-mail you will find on Help / About. This is only requirement. 
  13. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    One more think that you should know.  If you are using Microwin on Win10, then you must have SP9 installed. 
  14. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    As I wrote above: s7-200 has no MPI. Please,  check the system manual. PPI is the native for S7-200. ProfiBus is present only on few CPU, not all family has this  option. I suggest you to look for an USB PPI adapter.   
  15. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    No offence,  I asked if you are sure about communication with S7-200. Majority of S7-200 CPU don't has a ProfiBus port. MPI ? Never on S7-200.  My answer is based on your question.  I suggest you to upgrade to an USB adapter.