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  1. Hi dekor,, 

    I need your help in one circut that you made in2017. Using 1 pb to create on off out put I see ur video but I couldn't made it and new in plc world, using s7 300 thank yoi


  2. CM1241 send only zeros RS 485

    It seems that you mixed S7-200 with S7-1200. S7-1200 can  be accessed by Ethernet interface, not by RS485 ( you wrote RS458...). Try to explain again.
  3. Simatic C7-621, USB interface won't work.

    Hi, I suggest you to do a "repair" of Step7.
  4. op320-a communication

    Where is the connection between M0.0 and V0.0 ?
  5. op320-a communication

    Hi, Microwin dont know other operating panel than TD200. On other software that you use, you must select type of plc, method of communication (ppi, modbus RTU, ProfiBus...), plc address, communication rate, mailbox, .... Sometimes is necessary to create into plc program a communication function. Therefore you may need to set your port to communicate as Modbus, or RS232 ASCII, or something else according to your HMI. I never used OP 320, so I suggest you to check on manufacturer web page for examples. Good luck!
  6. op320-a communication

    Hello , Have you set correctly the address of PLC on HMI project? Communication rate also? Are those parameters mach on both sides? Add some screenshot with communication settings from both projects, PLC and HMI.
  7. S7-200 Communication Problem

    Should I understand that you succeeded? It Was communication port occupied?
  8. S7-200 Communication Problem

    As far I know, only Microwin with SP9 can workon win 10. CPU in stop is useful for situations when PLC use the port for communication with different devices. When is in stop mode, the port is released and you can communicate with him through Microwin.
  9. S7-200 Communication Problem

    Hi, 1. for Win10 you must use Microwin SP9 2. Add a larger screenshot of your computer 3. Did you select the right com port? 4. Did you select right communication rate? Usually 19200. 5. Try to put CPU in Stop mode using selector and try again to connect in stop mode.
  10. PLC Software recommendation ?

    Did you know APT from Siemens? It can be your best choice. Not so common, but excellent programming software for process control.
  11. OLD Siemens PLC

    Hi, You need Microwin software. To be able to run on Win10, I suggest you to instal Microwin v4.0 SP9. You need also PPI adapter, not MPI  as S7-300.
  12. Programming s7 300 siemens

    It is a network where different components of one equipment are declared available ( installed). Using the results from this network, the program will access functions related to installed components and will not access functions related to not installed components. It seems to be explanation in project also. Language is German.
  13. s7 300 AND WINCC flex

    If you want to use a "push button" or a "retentive button " from GUI to activate the output , you have to use a memory bit. You may not activate directly an output from WinCC, it must be trough a memory.  
  14. SIEMENS S7 200

    Hi, You must pay attention to number of the timer. I suggest you to read help for timers where is explained relationship between number of timer and function. Then you will solve very easy whatever you want.
  15. Flexible Sequence Control

    You may use instructions like JUMP or SWITCH.