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  1. Starting with Omron CX-P

    You can change the Program Check Options under the PLC menu.
  2. Keyence plc's

    KV series PLC's are not supported in the US. They do have English software. Download KV Studio Trial Version from their website. If the PLC is very old then you may have to contact your local Keyence representative and ask them for a copy of Ladder Builder.
  3. unknown text

    I'm not aware of any setting in CX Programmer for language. I had this problem with Japanese text. If you have the language installed on your PC then you can export the comments and change them in MS Excel.
  4. Starting with Omron CX-P

    This is correct. Siemens precedes a memory location with the data type. Omron precedes it with the type of memory. 'CIO' will be the physical I/O. Anything out of range of the physical I/O may be freely used. 'A' memory is generally used for system memory. (Always ON, Clock Pulses, instruction feedback, etc...) 'W' memory is yours. This is what you may freely use for most of your programming. 'D' is retentive. Generally used in WORDS. (INT, DINT, REAL, etc...) 'H' is retentive. Generally used as bits. May be used as WORDS. 'E' is retentive. It extends 'D'. The amount will be determined by the CPU type you purchase.    I believe the manuals that come installed are pretty good. When I'm programming, I tend to right click on an instruction and choose 'Instruction Help'.
  5. Can not set a password

    Can you post a screen shot?
  6. Connection with a CPM2A PLC

    I was unaware of the Chinese model "E". Did you try the Auto Online > Direct Online feature in CX Programmer using the CIF01 cable? Is the HMI an Omron? If so, it's possible the 9 pin port may be set to NT Link and you will not be able to connect CX Programmer.  
  7. Connection with a CPM2A PLC

    This is referring to the 9 Pin port. Did you try this? Be sure to find the correct cable. The HMI cable will not work with CX Programmer.
  8. In the PLC Settings, there is a Startup tab where you can change the Mode the PLC will start with.
  9. Retained tags

    There are many ways. It depends on your application. Typically a retained tag will be a variable setting for your application. Example would be a speed setting for a VFD or a temperature setting. Typically they would be written to from an HMI. If the 'Initial Value' field is blank and there is no PLC code writing to this variable then the last setting value will be retained after power loss.
  10. Multiple word values in a union?

    If you don't want them to affect each other then create a Structure containing Union A and Union B. A Union is specifically designed to share the same memory locations.
  11. Can't modify memory

    The Transfer To PLC and Transfer From PLC are Offline (Monitor OFF) functions. If you are Online and write a 0 in the box, then you have already written to that memory location in real time. Be sure to save all your memory first.  
  12. Double check Motoman's definition of Input and Output instance values. Generally the Inputs and Outputs are referred to from the Master's (NX) perspective. If this is the case then you have them reversed.
  13. FB's

    The short answer is, the motion instructions will execute with a differential pulse. So if you have a sequence that is latching its steps, then using the differential pulse will execute them one at a time. If you show us your example then we may be able to give you a clearer solution.
  14. Zebra ZT230 Ethernet/IP

    It doesn't appear they are Ethernet/IP compatible. Generally, the device manufacturers will distribute the EDS files if they are available.
  15. PT100 on Arduino Mega Industrial Shields PLC

    I've seen some Arduino questions here before but I'm positive you'll get better answers here:  
  16. Your value is being added, +B (404), in BCD format. Decimal &16 is the same as BCD #10. You just need to view it correctly. From the Menu, click View > Monitoring Data Type > Monitor in Hex.
  17. NA Button Confirmation message

    Use a standard Button and set the Events and Actions to 'ShowPage("My_PopUp_Screen").  
  18. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

      The section on the left side is an adaptor for the newer PLCs. You only need the cable on the right side. It is the correct gender. There is a converter inside the 25 pin hood. A direct (Pin to Pin) connection will NOT work.
  19. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    This image is found on page 4 of this post. As you can see, you will need electronic conversion between the 25 pin and the 9 pin. This is why your direct connection is not working.
  20. EDS files contain a lot of information necessary to identify the device and make the connection. I'm not sure if tag information is omitted in the ODVA standard or simply not required. Have a look at Appendix A of this document: Allen Bradley does a lot of non ODVA functions. They have been supporting EIP for a long time and most vendors test and adjust for them.  
  21. You cannot use an address for NUMBER. It is intended for literal values only. The number type will be determined by the method in which you precede the constant value. (#, &, +, -).  A REAL value will be preceded by a "+" or "-" and contain a ".".
  22. OMRON Sysmac CPMA

    This is a very broad question. Are you having trouble wiring the COM port, the Inputs or the Outputs? Is this a CPM1A or CPM2A? The programming manual is the same for both:    
  23. Does Omron CP1E support Ethernet/IP?

    CP1E does not support EtherNet/IP.  
  24. CJ2 Omron PLC support absolute or symbolic adress?

    No. The CJ2 will support EtherNet/IP with either Addresses or Symbols.