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  1. For this reason, there is a fundamental reason not to use "= x" comparison to a REAL value. If you need the precision then do as Michael says. Typically I will perform "<= x", ">= x" or compare a window ">= x && < y".
  2. They were supported but not all the functions of the latest firmware version. I was thinking about the CP1L-E series. I would still strongly suggest updating your software to the latest version.  
  3. Run the Omron Automation Software AutoUpdate utility. I don't know exactly how old 9.03 is but I'm willing to bet the CP1E was not in production then. Current version of CX Programming is 9.65.
  4. Is your software up to date? Run the Omron Automation Software AutoUpdate utility.
  5. Have you connected to it via USB? Upload the settings via USB then set then verify the serial settings. Set you connection serial settings to match. Default settings are 9600, 7, E, 2. Auto Online can be touchy sometimes (at least it used to be in older versions).

    Please start a new topic and explain what you are trying to do with the two pumps.
  7. serial number C-more 6.21

    Call tech support and give them your old serial number. They've upgraded me in the past. I don't remember which version it was. Nobody here is allowed to give you a serial number.
  8. This was the confusion I was eluding to. I forget what happens if the MC_Stop instruction fails. There may be good reason to issue the MC_ImmediateStop in this case. I'll have to revisit this when I get time. In many years of working with Omron equipment, I've found it is very typical of them to give us (the programmers) the flexibility to control things as we wish. Meaning there are few easy buttons that will run a series of events. There may be an event that don't wish to happen. Fault handling can be very touchy sometimes. It's always been a very important subject in any programming language. This is why I chose the 'catch all' and just stopped the drives. I'll use the associated bits and words to display the particular reason and to choose how to proceed.  
  9. They are referring to FaultHandler() as a program that you (the programmer) would create. In my case, I've created a Faults section at the end of each axis program that will either MC_Stop, (where you can specify a deceleration), or an MC_ImmediateStop, (where you can specify and auto reset or disable). Their example shows a Function Block. I don't see the difference really unless it were programmed as an interrupt. I do find their examples a bit confusing.
  10. Remote I/O refresh problem

    Are you sure it isn't just a monitoring issue with CX Programmer? The green contacts may not be indicating that actual status. Try programming one of them to turn on an spare output so you can watch the LED on the output module.  
  11. For not being an expert, that's probably the best explanation I've received. IT people really baffle me with a lot of acronyms and jargon. We need more controls experts to explore network technology. We're in the process of building a plant-wide manufacturing network. I really need to come up to speed on this stuff.
  12. This is my knowledge as well. I'm not well educated in network technology but I've experienced the same 'Ping' issue that you explained above. Setting the gateway address fixed it. Maybe someone could educate us.
  13. I've had similar issues with wireless routers. Try setting the HMI Gateway Address to the address of your wireless router.
  14. Omron NX connection to Mitsubishi PLC IEP

    Last I looked Mitsubishi has only one EIP solution. It looked more like a data collection system processor and is probably a very expensive solution. I haven't heard of anyone (even in the Mitsubishi forums) using it. We plan on doing this in the near future. We were looking the the AnyBus CC Link to EIP gateway. Haven't tested it yet but I have used other AnyBus gateways and they're pretty easy to use. If you're really adventurous, the Omron NE1A (Safety PLC) manual has Mitsubishi Ladder code to read EIP data from it. This is a canned solution specifically for those products. Again, if you're really adventurous. We're probably going to use the AnyBus.
  15. Address incremental copy uses wrong size

    What is the Data Type of SPD_Q1? What is the Instruction you are trying to copy? I get the shaded out size when I am using a 'Double Value' instruction. Example MOVL (Move Long Value).
  16. Write to Omron by USB port in C#

    To the best of my knowledge, the USB port on the PLC is for programming only. Omron tools like CX Programmer, CX Integrator, etc...
  17. NA-series password change

    I see that smaller font now. Guess its time for new eye glasses.
  18. Compare not working

    H0 is the Set Value of the counter. If you set it to #6, it will always be #6. The process value of the counter will change to #6 (Set Value) when the counter is reset. (When 210.00 turns ON). The process value will decrement by #1 each time 212.00 turns ON. When the process value reaches #0, the counter will turn ON. (C0). Conclusion:  You do not need to perform a compare. Set H0 to #6 then use contact C0 to turn ON 212.02 (Bad Parts Removed). 
  19. NA-series password change

    You can with a screen button. Select the button then choose Events and Actions. Set the Action to Login(). You can also create another one to Logout(). I don't believe there is a variable for the password but you can control the User and the Role. The User is "_HMI_CurrentUserName" and the Role is "_HMI_CurrentUserRole".
  20. AR1612 cqm1h error

    I'm still having trouble understanding what you are trying to do. Are you trying to write from PLC to Memory Card or Memory Card to PLC? If you are trying to use the Memory Card in place of the battery, I don't believe that will work. You should get a battery. You'll need to isolate the problem. Are you downloading via CX Programmer? Does the program work correctly after doing this? (Don't do any Memory Card operations yet)
  21. Why no greater than (>) contact in DirectSoft?

    I'm not sure why it's not included either. I do know a common mistake when comparing a value is to miss comparison for the Equality. Therefore when it's necessary (on other platforms), you'll need to compare: <= and > or < and >= By omitting the > it'll be impossible to make this mistake. That's the only reason I can think of.
  22. Modulus function

    Have you tried the example in the instruction help? abc:= Dividend MOD Divisor; abc:= INT#18 MOD INT#5;        Answer will be 3.
  23. Programming

    This is generally referred to as 'Lead / Lag' or 'Lead / Lag / Standby' operation. It's very common. Lead Lag PLC Logic Google Search

    You Input Range and Output Range is set at a value of (4: 12 Bits). 12 Bits will limit you to a decimal value of &4095. In your program You MOV the value #494 to D55. Setting it to #595 will up your limit to &8191.
  25. AR1612 cqm1h error

    Is this the same problem as the other posts? Are you using the Memory Card? If so, what happens if you remove the Memory Card then cycle power to the PLC?