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  1. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    if you are connected correctly to the PV it will appear on this screen  
  2. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    this is what you need to have to try and update the firmware
  3. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    just seen there is an option to update fw via controlflash 2715p/2713/2715 whats the part number of the screen?
  4. Not able to select parameter

    are you talking about a powerflex drive by any chance?
  5. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    maybe someone who knows more about RSLinx could tell us if there is some security options would could restrict access.
  6. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    ah ok so maybe you could restrict the IP addresses on windows?
  7. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    Someone may correct me but i dont think this is possible, i can see why you are asking this but this may cause you more problems in the future if you wan to connect to a different controller, could you provide a list of the IP addresses for each controller for the maintenance staff and give training on how to make sure they have set the right path and how to use the software? if they cant make any changes then i dont see how this can cause any problems.
  8. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    We have a depositing machine which uses a linear displacement transducer to measure piston stroke, this allows control of how much product is deposited, with limit switches for min and max as reference points
  9. Connecting 2 HMI to 1 FX3 PLC

    Agree with this probably the easiest way, we have a FX3U with 6 HMIs connected using unmanaged switch and Ethernet card on FX3U
  10. FX2N E1101 and Q00JCPU

    Thanks for the reply thats great i didn't realise the e1101 had this function for data exchange makes more sense now
  11. FX2N E1101 and Q00JCPU

    what i need some help with is the trigger signal which is pulsed every second could some please explain the purpose of M630   Thanks is advance
  12. FX2N E1101 and Q00JCPU

    Good afternoon,  I am having some issues getting my head around how a system is working at my work, There is a machine (FX2N) connected to a Beijer E1101 (RS-485/RS-422) and also the Q00JCPU which is also connected by Ethernet to the E1101, now the machine and Q00JCPU are separate they do share some data. could anyone help me shed some light into how this works i have attached some screen shots to show the ladder and can provide more information if anyone requires, there are two different programs you can see the program from the top of the picture  
  13. S5 STL Help

    Cheers Pop, I am just going to use the system clock for this. Thanks for all your help Regards Matt
  14. S5 STL Help

    thanks for the info pop, the only flag being used in the program elsewhere is F 2.0 so this flag will pulse from off to on every 500ms? this would make sense as F2.0 is part of a rung which switches an indication lamp on, under a fault condition the lamp should flash so this pulse generator must make the lamp flash. thanks for your help matt
  15. S5 STL Help

    Ok thanks for alll the replies, i have one more issue this time with Some code which looks like it may be some sort of pulse generator here is the STL :AN F 2.2 :L KT 005.1 :SD T 31 :A T 31 := F 2.2 :A F 2.2 :AN F 2.1 :S F 2.0 :A F 2.2 :A F 2.1 :R F 2.0 :AN F 2.2 :A F 2.0 :S F 2.1 :AN F 2.2 :AN F 2.0 :R F 2.1 :BE   Regards matt