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  1. SLC 5/03 CPU is not running properly

    maybe start a new thread Rharo
  2. controllogix and 500 on IPAD

    They have an app call factory talk teamOne have look on the Rockwell automation site not sure the details but looks like you can access tag values
  3. How to update FactoryTalk View Studio?

    You should be able to update, enter the serial number and product key for the software you have and it will show you if you are entitled to download version 10, i did this recently from version 7 to 10 with no additional purchases   just to add any existing project will be converted to version 10 when you open them
  4. 1734-IB8S Input LED turns red.... Causes

    maybe there is some issue using a reed switch for this application. is it PNP/NPN type proximity switch mounted on the side of the Piston? I know this does not help you but using this type of switch with a Safety unit would not be classed as a safety switch. 
  5. what output does the flowmeter have? probably pulses? you would count the pulses either using a high speed counter or normal counter depending on the speed of the pulses.
  6. Panelview transfer of .mer file on USB

    maybe the FW was downgraded to match the MER file.
  7. Panelview transfer of .mer file on USB

    are you loading the .MER from the USB drive? you will need to copy to internal storage
  8. Retentive OTE

    yeah agreed & make sure the program will still be safe if you are going to OTL
  9. Retentive OTE

    OTL is retentive so you could write some code using OTL to keep the state of OTE during power cycle
  10. ok i see them now, maybe someone can help you with this but its not me. good luck.
  11. ??? there is not much to say about what you have provided, do you have the subroutines as well?
  12. Rotation animation in Factory talk view

    Are you getting the speed information from a VSD? if so move the speed value to a tag which is triggered  by a timer to update the value every second.
  13. Rotation animation in Factory talk view

    maybe the speed is jumping about too much, perhaps an average calculation for the motor speed may give a smoother display too?
  14. Rotation animation in Factory talk view

    sorry, yes thats what i meant put the hmi back to original settings and just update the speeds using timer
  15. ETH-1 Ethernet Protocol

    you would go to communications menu and who active to set the path for a project is that what you mean?