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Hi, please i wish to control transmitter flow rate using AB 1400 PLC

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Hi, please I wish to develop project like this:

I wish to control my flow transmitter using PLC.

For example If i wish to pump 1000, 2750 0r 3800 gallons of water into my tank;  the command should be given from RSLogix 500, after pumping the 1000 gallons the valve should switch off. They should be a possibility were the task can be done anytime inputing different amount of gallons.

I wish to use Allen Bradley 1400 PLC to perform this task.

I know analogue card will be required, now how is communication established between the card and the flow transmitter? My flow transmitter does not support Ethernet option!

What types of instructions are used in RSLogix 500 to build this type of application?

controlling transmitter flow rate with AB 1400 PLC.pdf

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what output does the flowmeter have? probably pulses? you would count the pulses either using a high speed counter or normal counter depending on the speed of the pulses.

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