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  1. Hi! PresentCounter is not updating real pulses from the countercard to the PLC. This is why it is 'jumping'. Countercard is faster than the PLC reading. If you use countercard output, it will work with correct pulse amount, for comparing the pulses. I am not sure, what you were meaning, but this is the reason for 'jumping'
  2. Powerflex 527 rotating after MSO instruction

    Here is more specific of my problem. Setting the servo on, it will enable the MSO, if xxx.ServoActionStatus is not set. After I receive the xxx.ServoActionStatus signal it will take about 2 sec. Then it will set the MAJ instruction on and start rotating. Problem is that when MSO is set, motor start already rotating. This 2 sec moment I can not control any possible way, ramp times etc... My idea is to set MSO already on and wait the right moment to start the motor. When I give the start command, it should be starting to run immediately. Anyone experience of this?
  3. I am controlling the powerflex 527 drive with MSO instruction, first setting the drive on and then running the motor with MAJ instruction. After MSO instruction, motor is rotating about 2 sec and then stops to wait the  MAJ. I have not find any solution for this. My configuration is frequency control, no feedback, sensorless. One hint i found from the rockwell pages but it did not help me. Rated slip speed is set to zero.  
  4. Hi i would like to know how you solved the factorytalk private directory problem by firewall setting? As i am currently having the same problem. 

  5. Hi! I had this same problem too, I was installing the program and could not open or create any projects. In my case, problem seems to be firewall. When I accepted this in Firewall settings, everything works fine.
  6. I found the solution now from internet.... Restarting does not help but when I deleted 2 existing files in project PrivateDirectory - folder, I was able to open my project again. Program was creating these 2 files by itself again. Probably, there was some damages with these files.... If someone have more knowledge of these files, I would be happy to understand it!!!
  7. Now I am very much worried, I can not even restore my earlier backup file (.apa). I do get an information Unable to restore the application ..... Please check - there is sufficient disk space - the application is not open elswhere - The destination application does not already exists Items 1 and 2 are checked, last one I do not know what does it mean. Removing the project files or leaving it to the folder does have any affect .
  8. Hello! I have been working with a Factory Talk Studio V8.0 and my computer was crashed, "blue screen". After this, I can not open my panel project anymore, I only get information Failed to open factory talk private directory for the application. How to save my project?  
  9. Hello! Thank you very much, your idea is good. It can be done like this and it is very simple way to do it. Thanks!!!!
  10. Hello! I am programming with FT view studio version 8. In the program, when I make numeric display, I can not input values for this tag I am using in the display. Then I decided to make 'invisible button' for enabling the input for this tag which is shown in the numeric display. This is okey for me, only if there is other ways to do this please tell me. Now when I have created this numeric display with input enabling -'group', I have a problem, how can I use security levels for this group, so that only logging in values can be set? I have found that there is security code selection for this in the screen displays, but not for the buttons.
  11. Thank you for helping... Item 1 I have been using until now, only I need to remember to save it always online. This made me to ask other possibilities. Because I have not been any training for this programming there might be lot of things that I do not know. Changes in online is good, if I do not need to make many changes. Item 3 is totally new for me, I need to try this too.
  12. Hello! I am working with RSLogix5000 software and writing the program. Very often I need to download the program to the CPU and of course it writes all program at the same time. This downloading makes problem to me, because I loose parametrizised data from the CPU, downloading will always overwrite default values of the tags. Some parameters are written from the panel and I want to keep these parameters allthougt I am downloading new program. How should I handle this? Some tags can be overwriten, some not.
  13. I am not very much familiar with this UL-standard, most of the devices will be delivered to other part of the world than North America. Is it so that I do not have to take care about this at all, we are using +24VDC power in our normal sensor? In this case, my problem is solved! Is it possible to see this kind of document or is it only in the standard that must be buy?
  14. Hello! Does anyone have experience of using tooth gear pulse sensors. I am looking for this kind of sensor for the machine, we are building. My problem is that the sensor we are using is not suitable for North American markets (UL-standard is not aproved) and now I am searching sensor like this. I am not sure is inductive sensors good enough for measuring this, the one that we have been using is magnetic field pulse sensor.
  15. Problem solved! It is possible use message-tag and configure it with 'Module Reconfigure'. For the 'path' it must be chosen the module for which I want module reconfigure happen. My problem was that I have not given a name for the module and my message tag went always to error-state. So, I need to give name at least to the modules I am using message tags....