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  1. Please post the wireshark. May be someone has entered as IP address, that's why you also see zeros in wireshark.  
  2. I assume you use Concept software and someone used the PLC login password protection. You can delete whole info from PLC or send the PLC to schneider for remowing pass .
  3. Hi, do you need to enter the pass during connect to PLC? I'm pretty sure, that PLC have no upload info.
  4. well, you can take any newer concept version and upload the suitable firmware from the list. Sorry, have no info for older versions.
  5. Yes, just use ExecLoader Software to upload the firmware to the PLC via Modbus or Modbus+.
  6. Hi Jedifadder, OLI-21709 means that your PLC has not right firmware for this Concept version. Bin files starting with Qxxxx.bin are for Quantum PLC. COMPACT PLC firmware has names like CTSxxxx.bin, in concept v2.1 /DAT you will find file CTSXV100.bin - it should be the right one.   Don't worry - it's not possible to upload any "wrong" firmware to the plc.
  7. No, it will be not enough. Use in your UP13 application the plc firmware and logical blocks, which already present in UP11, then export via ZEF.
  8. PLC Unity Pro

    install DTm and try it out - I see no other possibility to check it
  9. PLC Unity Pro

    you are missing all this device DTM's. Just download they from internet and install it.
  10. PLC Unity Pro

    the missed DTM is 140NOC77101 EIP Master DTM  - this DTM is a part of UnityPro and was installed automatically during UnityPro installation. Right mouse click on Q_NOCxxxx -> properties, here you can see which version of DTM was used. Which UnityPro version do you using?
  11. sure, it must be possible to use buttons on HMI. Please read this article: https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/faqs/FA213155/?page=content&country=APS&lang=en&locale=en_US&id=FA213155
  12. no problem -  M340 must be master and ATV71 and HMI are slaves 
  13. Error OBs

    use online help and search for %S and %SW - by using system bits /words you can setup if the PLC should stop
  14. cHud provides right answer. First, after you plug the PLC, you can check if device was recognized by  Windows and starts the USB driver, only than UnityPro will get the connection to PLC.
  15. Error OBs

    OB is operation block. Schneider don't speak about DB, FC and OB.  Schneider speak about EF - elementar functions, DFB - derivate function blocks and data I think  OB Siemens = DFB Schneider
  16. Call SE Support and provide diagnostic file from UnityPro for investigation.
  17. right mouse click on this device and see the device name. Then use google and find EDS file for this device and install it. After that just reopen the application. And read the manual for PRM device - it helps really.
  18. the easiest way is to use EQ blocks and compare actual status word or status bits with predefined values and then trigger the MOVE blocks, which moves 6,7, to to command word.
  19. Hi engMoh, do you use I/O scanner on ATV71?  If yes, then just use WRITE_VAR block to write 2 registers at address 0. The first register will be ATV71 command word (value 16#0006 -> 16#000 7 -> 16#000 F  for starting ATV) and second register will be RPM of the motor.
  20. hello engMoH, just start google.com and type "ATV71 programming manual"  :)
  21. as I know with ZelioSoft v5.1 you will be able to open old applications for SR1, and convert it to SR2. Try to use older Zeliosoft application -> it's for free and can be downloaded directly from schneider web page.  
  22. In worst case you can also take the generic Ethernet/IP EDS, which Schneider Electric  provides for MO580/NOC modules.
  23. Hello PLCRune,   all communication parameters are saved in EDS file. If communication doesn't work then you need to contact the EDS supplier.
  24. in advance use the value 8448 for COMMAND