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  1. Hello  Shomation,   try to check if your module works in other rack or other slot of the rack - may be the slot of your rack just defect.
  2. In your screenshot on the right side in the channel properties choose the IP source address of your PC, then you will be able to go online. And the thernet/ip should be activated for the M580 plc.
  3. Hi Stefan, try to reach the SE industrial automation service in germany, they have such old equipment for TSX47.  
  4. Yes, the software is not for free. But you can ask SE for TRIAL version (14 days) and use it for upload/download of application.
  5. modicon

    if you really switched off the PLC to change the battery and the application was not saved on memory card or in flash, then it was big mistake :(
  6. You need admin rights to update the DTM
  7. Hi Itmartin, you need to open our Proworx application and replace old power supplies with new one. So your hardware configuration in the application should match the existing hardware and then rebuild the application. After that the error will disappear. 
  8. Hello Ahmed, you can place BMXNRP0200 module in every empty slot - it doesn't matter, due to this modules haven't backplane connectors. Use ETH2/ETH3 connectors on the CRA to interconnect CRA and NRP modules. You will find all this info in the following document: https://www.se.com/us/en/download/document/HRB62666/  
  9. Serial Output

    Hi, just use PRINT_CHAR block  to send any data via serial interface. You will find example in the description of this block.
  10. Hi, sure you can turn off the M580 plc and replace the DRA card. Then turn on the plc and it will starts normally. In case you set the cold start of the PLC - the PLC will lost all current values and load the initial values.   You can also remove connector from DRA card during PLC is in RUN. Then replace the DRA card and put the connector back without to stop or turn off the PLC.
  11. you can upload the application plc->pc any time without to interrupt the process or need to stop the plc.
  12. Hi, caretto, this should work, but I'm sure you are doing something wrong :)  
  13. Hi, I'm not familar with Somachine. Your analog input module uses addresses %IW2-%IW5, but you try to read %IW1 (30001). 
  14. Hi Justin, firmware version v2.70 exists since UnityPro v13.1, so you need the newer software version.