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  1. In case Appl LED is on the crash log is available for download from NOE card. After that the APPL LED will go off. The crash log can by analysed by SE.  
  2. As I know the Quantum can handle up to 6 communication modules at the same time, so all NOE modules should work in the same. It's not even possible to disable the NOE in operational mode - such option doesn't exist. You should check the PLC status - RUN PRIMARY, RUN OFFLINE or RUN HSBY - depend on this the behavior of NOE is different. The NOE in PRIMARY rack should run normally with their IP addresses, the NOE in OFFLINE rack  will not communicate, the NOE in HSBY rack switch their IP addresses to IP+1.  
  3. Hello, how will you access the controller and see the code without having the UnityPro software? Maybe the NOE7701 Web access was protected by password, but it does not prevent access to the code by using UnityPro, if the upload information was loaded to the PLC.
  4. Hi SillyBoy,   you just need to import the EDS file (text file). Just check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz78qkWjRIc&t=13s&ab_channel=SchneiderElectric
  5. just ask SE support for UnityPro v7 TRIAL and you will get download link
  6. Hi SillyBoy, in case the m580 is the ethernet IP "master" you will need the EDS file for Honeywell PLC. The EDS file needs to be imported in to the UnityPro/Control Epert software - see youtube video: https://youtu.be/zz78qkWjRIc
  7. M340 BMXP3420302 v2.80: https://www.file-upload.net/download-14658144/BMXP3420302_V28.zip.html
  8. Hi, to upload the application you will need Modsoft, Concept XL, Proworx NXT or Proworx32 software.
  9. Hello  Shomation,   try to check if your module works in other rack or other slot of the rack - may be the slot of your rack just defect.
  10. In your screenshot on the right side in the channel properties choose the IP source address of your PC, then you will be able to go online. And the thernet/ip should be activated for the M580 plc.
  11. Hi Stefan, try to reach the SE industrial automation service in germany, they have such old equipment for TSX47.  
  12. Yes, the software is not for free. But you can ask SE for TRIAL version (14 days) and use it for upload/download of application.
  13. modicon

    if you really switched off the PLC to change the battery and the application was not saved on memory card or in flash, then it was big mistake :(
  14. You need admin rights to update the DTM