Help me out to understand Graphic Designing in Omron NB HMI.

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Hello there,


I am using Schneider HMI for the past few years, it's very versatile and easy to design graphics.


Now i started using OMRON HMIs and found that is weird to draw graphics in Omron NB-Designer.


I have Example, Look at the attached screenshot of both software, in the case of Schneider if I stretch a button or any object it will remain in the same good shape.

but in the case of Omron, if you stretch any object it doesn't remain in the original shape. (check the attached images.)


Please suggest Ideas about designing a good Omron Hmi, Sample backup is always welcome.

The image link is below, I am not able to upload it here.


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10 hours ago, panic mode said:

looks like attachments are busted again... test:



Thanks for suggesting a good image-sharing website.

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and it looks like attachments are working again. sorry, have no tip about original question about button image being distorted. 

perhaps try to use embedded image instead of default raised border. then standardize on 1-2 or so different sizes.

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