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  1. Can NB HMI do 1:N ?

    NB touchscreen doesnt support NT-Link, only HostLink communication. You can set nodes for an HL network, so you can connect more HMI on one PLC
  2. i have to transfer program to a remote NB5Q so to avoid installing software and ask cabling to the technician at location, i choose to pass the program and load into the touchscreen with the USB key. All supposed went well until i was sent pictures of the transferred program and found some buttons with custom created graphics  were missing. I thought all resources of a HMI program were included on the .pkg file, but evidently this not the case, or more likely i haven't created a good package. My questions are as follows: - i transfer the .pkg file found under /temp directory, that had the correct date following the HMI compilation, is it the correct location? - the .pkg file contains all the resources (including custom graphics) following the compilation or needs to be specified prior to that? - regarding the transfer of the whole HMI software, may it be that the whole HMI directory created by NB-Designer should be transferred to USB disk rather than pkg? The manual supplied with NB-Designer, while generally good, are rather terse on the subject
  3. thanks for the suggestion, I did try and it works to export another program configuration, but do not add to a different device in Multiview explorer even created and selected it rather replace the original one. I don't think Omron currently provides a way to have many devices of same type in a single project, only combination of plc and HMI together. I do hope a future version of SS will allow projects having many devices grouped together in one file
  4. is there a way to put different separate SS projects (ie plc) into one single project? The only way possible seems adding device from multiview explorer, but it does not accept import or drag and drop from other files such as was possible for example in CX-Programmer
  5. Omron PLC Python communication

    you can try to look at this library:
  6. I have the same complain as the original poster and find the situation surprising. It looks like NB-D does not render properly the proportions between object's horizontal and vertical dimensions. So far I found two styles that displays passably in the dimensions i chose for screen, but it is impossible to change graphic parameters like borders or background color. I could add a custom graphic to suit my needs, but i found the procedure to add it to library not clearly explained in documentation. I continue to test NB for my applications but I wish these details can be fixed, such functionality is present even in NT Support Software and CX-Designer
  7. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I wonder if will be possible in future versions to avoid the distinction between the exported project file format and the one formatted in Solutions folder (same concept used in CX-Programmer between .cxp and .cxt formats).  Would like also the Multiview Explorer being as easier as in CX-Programmer
  8. hi all, i have two NX1P2 writing data to each other, using CIPUCMMWrite instruction. Both of these instructions fail with error code 1C00 and extended 2000 8022, that tells me: "The data type that is specified in the request service data does not agree with the tag information. The AddInfo Length in the request service data is not 0." I had done all checks on both programs (data type, setup as global variable, Publish only) and all is a expected in both plcs. Reading the manual  (W506) shows the data structure and objects involved in the communication, but is not clear to me how to check and modify the condition that made this particular error, besides CIPUCMMWrite seems an instruction that does not require any further handling of data. Others have met this particular error and how they solved it? Many thanks
  9. It is possible to make two simulated plc in two separate instances of SS to communicate among each other? For example starting one instance in computer and one in a virtual environment such as VirtualBox or VMWare.
  10. all was working until few days ago, now the simulator is available, but not the PT simulation. I would like to avoid reinstalling the whole package because i also have Sysmac Studio and uninstalling CX-One will likely maim the former installation. A quick search in the forum turned out a similar thread mentioning registry keys, but there are no further indications. Can someone point me on the keys in registry that controls behavior of both CX Simulator and the integrated PT-PLC?
  11. i am following two projects at the same time, one with NJ and one with TwinCat. For the latter i downloaded and used OSCAT library, i tried to do the same in Sysmac Studio, but would not work. Are library formats compatible between SS and TC?
  12. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    it would be good if different CVS such as Subversion or Mercurial could work with SS, without mandating the use of a specific version for team works. Of course is possible using these other CVS as of now, but a deeper integration like the one made available for GIT should be offered.
  13. Flowmeter pulse output maximum frequency is 2 kHz, and we normally set the pulse just at this value. 
  14. acting on advise from Omron support, we replaced the EC0222 with a GX-EC0211 card and the problem disappeared. We had to act quickly as we were near shipping date and we had no time to consider alternatives, but it was somewhat of a disappointment especially considering that Omron pushes a lot NX I/Os as the preferred alternative to Ethercat couplers, and we have already several projects lined to use them. Now we need to consider their use carefully
  15. together with colleagues we are setting up a system in which a flowmeter pulse output is read by a NX2 plc with a fast counter card EC0222. We found a very significant discrepancy between pulse count from flowmeter and the value read by the card, on the order of tens of liters. We replaced the counter card with others, just to be sure there is no faulty hardware, but the result does not change, and in Sysmac Studio there are no settings for the counter card that may correct this error. The same flowmeter with same pulse setup is read perfectly by a CJ2 cpu equipped with CTL41 fast counter card and that makes us very perplexed. Do we have to resort to filtering the incoming pulses in the card, or there are settings we can make in Sysmac Studio to improve the situation? This system is one of the first we are doing with the new NX2, and in the past using the CJ types we never encountered this kind of problem.