How to increase the length of HEX storage in FX3G???

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Hi all,

          Good morning. The PLC I'm currently working is Mitsubishi FX3G. I want to send username (in string format) from Weintek HMI to this PLC. But the string format is not supported in FX3G. But I can get the data into PLC in HEX format. For each string, two units of HEX places are used.

For eg.,

T = 54 (Base 16)

TO = 544f (Base 16)

TOM = 544f4d  (Base 16)

TOMY = 544f4d59 (Base 16)

In FX3G, the data range of Double Word HEX value is 0 to FFFFFFFF (i.e. upto 8 units). Please refer the image attached. But for my application, I need to have username up to 10 string values. So the HEX data units required are 20 units i.e. 0 to FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Can anyone suggest how to get it please?


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You can use the ASC instruction but that is still 2 char per dataword.

If you want to quickly put some character in some datawords you can also make a device memory file and send this to the PLC.

The FX5 does support string StringMOV


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@vijayvpv You don't need to setup on PLC because when you input string on Wientek HMI data will be set on PLC that you can check it by using device batch monitor in ASCII format as shown below.


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