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  1. How to change IP address of FX3U-ENET-ADP?

    Oh alright, I got it..!! Thank you once again @GreenMan
  2. How to change IP address of FX3U-ENET-ADP?

    Thank you so much for the clarification GreenMan..!! So you're saying about the following Ethernet port setting, right? If it so, can you please suggest what is needed to set in the Ethernet Port open setting? Or can it be left as it is..?   Regards, Vijay  
  3. How to change IP address of FX3U-ENET-ADP?

    Guys, can anyone pls suggest where I'm getting wrong..? 
  4. Hi all, I want to connect FX3G PLC to a network. So I have installed FX3U-ENET-ADP to the left side of the FX3G PLC using FX3G-CNV-ADP. Can someone help me how to change the IP address of the PLC according to my network IP address (let us take it as So now I want to configure the PLC's IP address as I tried using the FX-Configurator-EN but I could not establish a connection with the PLC through it. Here are the snapshots of the process I followed.   But when I do the 'Connection test', I'm getting the following Error message. I tried to connect with both Serial port & USB. But it is showing the same error.   I'm aware that there are lot of discussions happened in this regard, but I could not find the solution part to the problem I'm facing. Kindly guide me please. Best Regards, Vijay  
  5. How to increase the length of HEX storage in FX3G???

    @Wasan @Gambit Thank you guys, that fixed my problem..!!
  6. Hi all,           Good morning. The PLC I'm currently working is Mitsubishi FX3G. I want to send username (in string format) from Weintek HMI to this PLC. But the string format is not supported in FX3G. But I can get the data into PLC in HEX format. For each string, two units of HEX places are used. For eg., T = 54 (Base 16) TO = 544f (Base 16) TOM = 544f4d  (Base 16) TOMY = 544f4d59 (Base 16) In FX3G, the data range of Double Word HEX value is 0 to FFFFFFFF (i.e. upto 8 units). Please refer the image attached. But for my application, I need to have username up to 10 string values. So the HEX data units required are 20 units i.e. 0 to FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Can anyone suggest how to get it please?
  7. Yeah, got it Crossbow..!! Thank you.. Thank you all..👍
  8. Thanks Gambit & Wasan for your valuable replies!! I have defined D520 as 32-bit float type in Weintek HMI (please see the images attached). And we have to define that D520 will be in 32-bit float in the PLC setup also right? But this kind of definition is not done in PLC setup. Can you please give some inputs on how to do that?  
  9. Hi all,               I am working with FX-3G PLC and it is communicating with a Weintek HMI. I am feeding a data in HMI in float format through a D register. But it is showing some other value in PLC. I don't know what is needed to done to extract the same float value into FX3G plc. So the basic question is how to store that float value in any of the registers in FX-3G plc? Requesting your support please.