Kepware and Mitsubishi iQ-R Series R08PCPU FAILED READS

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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to use Kepware to communicate with my PLC setup which is the iQ-R Series R08PCPU. 

I read the documentation which is available at https://www.kepware.com/getattachment/3daf1ac3-5c76-49ce-bbfe-f0fb1015f6cc/mitsubishi-ethernet-manual.pdf

I read through the setup for Kepware and the setup procedure for iQ-R series but it still didn't work. 

From the documentation, it said something about "using special ladder logic to enable ethernet communications is required.", I couldn't find anything about this online. 

Here what I did in addition to the documentation:

- Enabled IP Packet Transfer

- Ping the PLC's IP Address which was successful

Does anyone have any idea what I didn't do to establish that communication between Kepware and R08PCPU? 

Thank you in advance. 

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You don't need to write codethat is only for the old A and QnA series. 
You just need to define a SLMP port for UDP or TCP.  Like the attached screencapture from the manual

Maybe you can share your settings


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After reading through some documentations and watching tutorials, I think I am not accessing my tags properly. 

How would you monitor a tag/ label named "start_button" in Kepware? 

I tried to monitor the device X0 in Kepware but it keeps on giving me this error...

C1.D1 | Unable to read from address block on device. The device reported an invalid address or an error. | Address block = 'X0000' to 'X000F'

Here is the screenshot - 5baea1e8e432d_infoscreen.thumb.png.b0b80


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@Tuang Please share your PLC and KepServer EX configuration screenshot.

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