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  1. After reading through some documentations and watching tutorials, I think I am not accessing my tags properly.  How would you monitor a tag/ label named "start_button" in Kepware?  I tried to monitor the device X0 in Kepware but it keeps on giving me this error... C1.D1 | Unable to read from address block on device. The device reported an invalid address or an error. | Address block = 'X0000' to 'X000F' Here is the screenshot -   
  2. Hi everyone,  I am trying to use Kepware to communicate with my PLC setup which is the iQ-R Series R08PCPU.  I read the documentation which is available at https://www.kepware.com/getattachment/3daf1ac3-5c76-49ce-bbfe-f0fb1015f6cc/mitsubishi-ethernet-manual.pdf I read through the setup for Kepware and the setup procedure for iQ-R series but it still didn't work.  From the documentation, it said something about "using special ladder logic to enable ethernet communications is required.", I couldn't find anything about this online.  Here what I did in addition to the documentation: - Enabled IP Packet Transfer - Ping the PLC's IP Address which was successful Does anyone have any idea what I didn't do to establish that communication between Kepware and R08PCPU?  Thank you in advance. 
  3. Hi everyone, I just want to layout the structure of the question. I have a GOT2000 (GT27* series) that I have hooked up and communicating with an Allen-Bradley PLC. I have established connection and can pull out certain tags values from the PLC program in RSLogix 5000. While I can read the tag values, I cannot modify them (in certain conditions).  So let say that I have a User-Defined Structure named "Smoke_Detector" and here are it's available members: Smoke_Detector:   - ALARM (BOOL)   - ON_TIME (DINT) * DINT in Allen-Bradley but Signed Binary 32   - Battery_Life (REAL)  My question is that while I can read and display the tag and its members through the following:   - LAMP for Smoke_Detector.ALARM   - Numerical Display for both Smoke_Detector.ON_TIME and Smoke_Detector.Battery_Life But when I tried to modify the values via a Bit Switch or Numerical Input, it does not operate on them.  However, if these tags are members are just standalone tags, meaning that they are not within a UDT in RSLogix 5000, then I can operate/ modify them just fine.  Here are the things that I have tried: * Making sure that the permission are set to Read/ Write in RSLogix 5000 * Making sure that the tag definition in GT Designer 3 follows the structure where @[channel]:[Network #]:[Station #]::[Tag instance and member (e.g Smoke_detector is the instance and Alarm is member] Any possible insight and input are appreciate! 
  4. Hi @automatt and @Gambit,  After reading some documentation, I found that STRING variable tags from RSLogix 5000 can be displayed on Text Display if it is not in a UDT. This fits the description in the documentation, found here http://dl.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/got/sh081220eng/sh081220engv.pd In  6.1.8, the document start talking how to sync AB tags/ RSLogix 5000 tags to the Mitsubishi GOT2000. I found that GOT2000 does recognize STRING variables with the mentioned objects below (see "Structure-type AB Tags.png").  But I couldn't wrap my head on why my STRING tags couldn't be displayed with Text Display. And it was because my STRING object was contain within a UDT, which the documentation warn as a precaution that STRING in a structure are not supported (See "Precautions.png").  I hope this helps other people int he future in response to cross-platform communication with AB PLC and Mitsubishi GOT2000.  Thank you everyone for your help and contribution to this issue. 
  5. Hi @Gambit,  Thank you so much for your reply.  I managed to find some documentation that says that UDT tags in Allen-Bradley are not directly imported and need to be defined manually.  My question is that for Text Display/Input object in GT Designer 3 if I specify my the device as the tag "::MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME" GTD3 gives me an error saying that "The device is out of range". However, this does not happen if I use Numerical Input/ Display.  Any idea that is the cause of the error?  Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. 
  6. Hi guys,  I have been trying to sync up my RSLogix 5000 tag to GT Designer 3 (GTD3) objects but I noticed that GTD3 only recognize certain native data types from Allen Bradley Logix5572 Controller (Model 1756-L72).  In the documentation that I found, it show that certain AB Native Tags are transferable to GTD3 Data Type (See the attached file "AB Tags to GTD3 Tags" ) One of the User-Defined Data Type from the RSLogix 5000 that I am trying to sync to Text Display Object in GTD3 is called "UDT_MY_CLTR_INFO" here is it's hierarchy of inheritance from RSLogix 5000     Name                                                                     Force Mask                                                                                   Data Type MY_CLTR_INFO                                                     (...)                                                                                                 UDT_MY_CLTR_INFO      MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME                                                                                                                                           STRING           MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME.LENGTH                                                                                                                      DINT           MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME.DATA                                                                                                                           SINT[82]    In my exported tag which is a CSV file, it doesn't list the sub-classes MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME, MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME.LENGTH, and MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME.DATA, it would only list MY_CLTR_INFO.  How do I link up my "Text Display" Object in GTD3 with the tag "MY_CLTR_INFO.NAME" whose Data Type is STRING and GTD3 does not have a STRING Data Type?  I appreciate anyone that took their time to read my problem and any attempt to help me out. Thank you.