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I have a problem that I need to solve in a PLC program has it's projectlib locked. 
I work for a company that contracted a PLC programmer before my time to program their new version of their control cabinets.
The company did not write any specific contract with the contractor and just relied on his work. The guy later delevered a buggy software that is kind of functional (the bugs came up at the commissioning after the guy was paid and now he refuses to help or to provide more consultations).
I have as a task to freshen this up and make it work without bugs, the problem is that the Projectlib is locked and I cannot access the source code. 
The only thing that I can changes that I can make to the code is to put some logical circuits between the I/O of the already existing function blocks, which solved some problems, but not all and it keeps one of the most important ones as well.

Anyways, that's my story, so now my question is, is there and possible way of unlocking the projectlib?
Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advace!

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What do you mean by "locked" (is it like password protected)?

If it is password protected we cannot help you, discussing hacking/cracking passwords on the forum is also against the terms you agreed on when you registered.

If it is "locked" (like won't open normally) then we might be able to help you.

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I do not know if it is password protected.
I have attached some pictures. 
What I want to do is to connect the D108 signal to the alarm function in a way so that it will generate an alarm after every 3 faild attempts (alarm signals). 
What I tried doing was to connect a counter before the OR circuit and then just let the alarm signal enter the OR after 3 signals. 
I am kinda new in plcs, have mostly coded on C and that is why I wanted to use the library so that I could write something in ST instead. 

Any help is welcomed and if is possible to acces the source code, that would be great :)

Thanks in advance

value field.PNG

value field 2.PNG

value field 3.PNG

value field 4.PNG

global vars.PNG


alarm module.PNG

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I'm sorry but you're not making any sense.  You said something is locked, but then you post screen shots of code and HMI settings.  What is locked?  What can you not get to?

And you can write in both ladder and ST in the same program, there are no restrictions on that.

D108 is a numeric register.  What do you mean by bad attempts?

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Sorry, I will try to make myself more clear.

I would like to access the ST code of the modules located in the projectlib to change some stuff and see what the signals I want to use depend on and the rest of the places that they are used.

That I cannot do.

What I am trying to do though is to use some kind of delay logic such as a counter in order change the behaviour of the alarm handling. 

I want the alarm output (the output of the OR circuit) to be generated after I have received 3 alarm signals internally (that for every input signal to the OR circuit). I also want this value to be changeable from my HMI.

In the picture with the OR circuits the inputs are each unit's alarm signal, that is where I am trying to implement this delay/counting logic.

That's basically all I want to do at the current time. 

I hope that you will understand me better now.

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You can write an OR feeding into a counter, and when the counter reaches the preset value of your choice (3 or a data register value), the counter complete output will turn on.

You can't look inside the factory built-in functions and function blocks, no PLC vendor allows that.  The manual explains clearly what all of the inputs and output do, as well as the operation performed by the function.  But if you make your own functions, you can decide if they are locked or not.

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It's a bit hard to see from the pictures regarding "Infrafone_IatekProjectLib" (the picture from GW3) but it looks to be password protected. If you try double-clicking on a POU in the library and get the following message then it is password protected and you are currently in "read-only" mode. Then you will need the original password to be able to open the POU's inside the libraries to edit.

If you want to alter the behavior of your code, but cannot access the libraries then you need to do it outside the library (e.g. use temp variables from the library and then use the temp to do some other code you want to).


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