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  1. Integer to Byte

    Use "AND" (to mask out the upper byte) and "SHR" (shift-bits right to move the upper byte into a new word): Lower Byte: AND [data] 16#00FF -> [outData1] (will only pass the lower byte to the output) Upper Byte: SHR [data] K8 [outData2] (will shift the upper 8 bits 8 positions to the right). Will this work?
  2. I have an error EN 01802007 in GX Developer 8 and FX 1s-30mr mitsubishi plc, I am using a RS232 cable directly from the PC and I can not communicate.

    Windows XP service pack 3.

    please help


  3. Distance in milimeter from Encoder pulses

    It's easy: Just setup an interrupt in your selected PLC (which you haven't specified either) on xx number of pulses, and setup the equation that equals that number of pulses... Reset your counter whenever you want to reset the traveled distance...
  4. IEC 60870-5-103 protocol

    For example: https://shop.raster-products.com/product/gateways/industrial-protocols/modbus-tcp-ip-to-iec-60870-5-103-master-gateway.html
  5. Fx1n control inverter vfd007m21a via fx1n-485-bd

    @huuquyen: You cannot simply use "RS" instruction to trigger Modbus commands. So it doesn't matter if you get the code for writing a Modbus command via RS instruction, you have to build a telegram first. Depending on you budget I would recommend upgrading the PLC to a newer version to get Modbus functionality. Alternatively you can download a function block from Mitsubishi, ready-made including the FX1N (note that you need the BD card): Search for "FXModbusRTUMaster_V200". It's a zip file with a project (GX IEC Developer) but you can use the library file in GX Developer too by selecting to use label in your project. Note that the FX1N is very limited regarding steps, so you might have a too large project...
  6. Hi and welcome! yes, you can connect two (not more) ADP communication modules on the left side of the main unit. For example two FX3U-485ADP-MB.
  7. Check machine status on PLC

    You could use an Arduino and connect a digital output from each of the PLC's to indicate the state. However I would recommend selecting a more industrialized version for production environment, I think that RS sells some that looks more or less like a small PLC... However, I'm not sure I fully understand your question?
  8. Problem of qj71c24N for modbus RTU control

    As @Wasan indicates, check the serial number of the serial module. Picture from the manual.
  9. Hi, If you set BFM2000 = D2000, then the following will happen: 2000h-2001h = D2000-D2001 (2 points) 2002h-2012h = D2002-D2017 (16 points) 2020h-202Ah = D2032-D2041 (10 points)
  10. I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are trying to do, but I can explain a little about the setup: First of all, BFM is not the same as dataregisters (D). You create pointers to/from dataregisters to BFM's, so basically the module itself stores data in BFM, while the CPU interchanges data between BFM and CPU devices. In the AutoRefresh page you have set this correctly (BFM<->D). Note that BFM are HEX address based, while dataregisters are DEC address based, so BFM2010 = D2016... Secondly, Device Assignement is used ONLY when the QJ71MB91 is a slave. These are the areas that an external master device can access and are basically the cross-reference between CPU devices and Modbus addresses. One Modbus channel cannot be slave and master at the same time, but from what I understand you want to read both Holding Registers and Input Registers from an external device into the MB91 module? If so, you can disregard the Device Assignment and look only to the Automatic Communication Parameter. Let us know if anything was misunderstood, or unclear.
  11. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    I understand. Can you share the cable pinout? RS232 and RS422 aren't directly connectable without a converter, that's why I'm asking about the cable. You have RS232 on the computer and need a cable, converter and plug to be able to connect to any RS422 equipment...
  12. BFM for reading devices is 1000-1FFF, writing is 3000-3FFF. Can you post a screenshot of your current non-working setup? it shouldn't be a problem, are you sure your slave device supports FC:04?
  13. FX3U Analog Modules

    If you need 22/22/22 (in/out/temp) you could consider purchasing a remote IO base-node with communication and a communication module for the FX... Just install it wherever you want to and communicate with the remote node
  14. Fx1n control inverter vfd007m21a via fx1n-485-bd

    Which communication types does the Delta inverter support?