CompactLogix L24: Do I need an external ethernet module to talk to an ethernet device?

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I have a compactLogix L24.  It is connected to a network switch.  I also have an ethernet servo driver (KM AKD) attached to the same switch.

The CL L24 IP address is

The Servo Driver is

In RSLogix 5000, I added an ethernet module.  I put in the IP address for the servo driver.  When I go online, I just get a connection error (Code16#0204).  

I can talk to the servo driver using my PC on the same network (, but the CompactLogix won't talk to it.  Do I need to install an external ethernet module to make this work, or can I use the existing ethernet ports on the L24?

I'm stumped.

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By KM AKD, I presume you are talking about a Kollmorgen AKD Servo Drive.

Goto their website and get all the documentation concerning setup of communications via EtherNet/IP and any examples of logic for Rockwell/Allen-Bradley.

The "Generic Ethernet Module" must be configured with the correct data types and the Assembly Instances must be correct for any communication to occur.

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Can you ping the Compactlogix?  What is the subnet mask?

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