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  1. I have a compactLogix L24.  It is connected to a network switch.  I also have an ethernet servo driver (KM AKD) attached to the same switch. The CL L24 IP address is The Servo Driver is In RSLogix 5000, I added an ethernet module.  I put in the IP address for the servo driver.  When I go online, I just get a connection error (Code16#0204).   I can talk to the servo driver using my PC on the same network (, but the CompactLogix won't talk to it.  Do I need to install an external ethernet module to make this work, or can I use the existing ethernet ports on the L24? I'm stumped.
  2. Hello! New guy here. I have been working in consumer electronics for the past 12 years. I have plenty of experience with electronics design, PCB development, firmware development and hardware/firmware validation. I have been part of some pretty cool projects such as Xbox Kinect and Microsoft Surface Pro. The big problem is that in my field, I am mostly locked into living in Seattle or Silicon Valley. I would like to move into a field that has more living opportunities. When I look at places to live, it seems like PLC Programmers are needed. The salaries for plc programmers are also equally as lucrative considering you can find jobs in much cheaper areas. I learned PLC ladder-logic programming back in college on a Allen Bradley PLC. I have experience with making software to interface with hardware in Visual Basic. So I am stuck in a strange place and I am coming to the PLC forum community for help. How can I get started with making something happen? I would like to get some up-and-running experience, fall on my face, and cry into my pillow at night so that when I apply for one of these jobs I can have the confidence that I can really be an asset. Are there any easy things that I could do to start gaining some experience? Does somebody have a low-risk project that needs work at sort of an internship level? Are there any table scraps that I could work with? Any help would be appreciated. I just want to see what it looks like in the industrial electronics field. Thanks!