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Good day everyone,

I know am quite new in this forum, but...

Please has anyone here actually worked with the analog module FX2N-4AD of Mitsubishi? 

I have one here with me that I intend to use in controlling a process that will be requiring 4-20mA. Unfortunately, unlike S7-300 or SLC 500, that is quite straight forward, this has been messing with my head since morning.

And oh, by the way, am using Version 8 of GX-developer.


Any idea on how to go about navigating this mysterious island will be verily appreciated.




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Yes. The FX Programming Manual Analog edition has all the details and some sample programs. I would recommend you take a look at that. But here's some points to get you started.

1. Data and settings are passed between the PLC and the module using the TO and FROM instructions. The manual has a list of the Buffer Memory locations on the module that you need to interact with.

2. The head address of the module you use in the TO/FROM instructions is based on the module's distance from the PLC. If it's the first Special Function Module (SFM - anything that's not digital I/O), then it's address 0. The second SFM is 1, and so on.

3. The data coming from the channels is a raw digital value that you will have to scale. The value range depends on how you set up the input (current/voltage, etc.), and you will find the range in the specifications section of the chapter on that card. I believe it's 0-4000 for 4-20mA.

4. You will, at a minimum, need to use one TO instruction to set each channel to the correct operation, and one FROM instruction to read the raw value.

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Thanks a great deal,

I think that just set me up to fly.

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