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  1.   Hello Everyone, Please I am trying to create an HMI program on wincc to control/monitor an Rs5000 PLC program. The thing is am sorta lost...     I created an internal tag on the Rs5000 that can be used to switch some decrete outputs, and I thought I might just used the Siemens wincc design to toogle those internal tags, but it's not working.   Please who knows how to go about creating connections/communication between these two devices...   Please?!!!   
  2. Hello, please I just realized this post deals with an issue am currently having, and so I think asking for help here will be most appropriate.   I just installed Factory Talk View version 8, and licensed it. But every time I try creating a new project/application, it fails and displays this message: "Failed to open factory talk private directory for the application".   Please what am I doing wrongly?   Thanks for your help!
  3. Mitsubishi Analog

    Thanks a great deal, I think that just set me up to fly.
  4. Mitsubishi Analog

    Good day everyone, I know am quite new in this forum, but... Please has anyone here actually worked with the analog module FX2N-4AD of Mitsubishi?  I have one here with me that I intend to use in controlling a process that will be requiring 4-20mA. Unfortunately, unlike S7-300 or SLC 500, that is quite straight forward, this has been messing with my head since morning. And oh, by the way, am using Version 8 of GX-developer.   Any idea on how to go about navigating this mysterious island will be verily appreciated.   Thanks. Francis