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  1. Hello, I have a Datalogic GD4430 barcode scanner and a Omron NS5 touchscreen. When I scan a barcode that contains characters CR (0x0D) or LF (0x0A), nothing appears on the text input on the screen.Scanning a barcode that doesn't contains special characters (excepted STX and ETX) works perfectly. How to get a barcode that contain CR or LF characters ?Thanks
  2. MC protocol

    Hello once again, before I'll dive into mitsu manuals, does anyone of you know if there is some special relay signaling that PLC (FX3GE) have lost communication via MC protocol? Thank you in advance
  3. GX Developer Special Relays

    HELLO TO EVERONE!!Could someone please help me find a special relay command (not a real relay) that stays activated when it receives a pulse from a NO contact (X0), and desactivies when it receives a second pulse from the same NO contact (X0)? So en conclusion I need to control a relay with only button.I hope you understand me... Help please....
  4. Hi, I need to create an Array Filled with random bool values to a certain Purcentage... ex : 25% of True...     would look somewhat like this.....   001011101011000010101011010100101010101... not like 111111111111111100000000000000000 or 00010001000100010001 I will be using a value introduced by the user as an Int from the HMI then create the Array with this random function...   Please Help... I am losing patience over this !!   Thanks