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  1. That's exactly what I figured out ...  I haven't done PLC programming for some time so I was a bit rusted ! instead of my '' = '' I inserted a GT 23:59:58 and a LT 23:59:59 this gives 1 second for the PLC to process the commands ! and it works fine...   Thanks again !
  2. Thanks..... I never even think about it !!!  not Enough Coffee I guess !   Worked... Thanks
  3. Hi , I am trying to transfer and reset a few counters at 23:59:59 everyday.... it works in simulation but on the unit itself... DOESN'T... Here I changed the time but same thing ! Thanks  
  4. Hi, Probably an easy thing to fix... I am trying to use the TOF function Block... I declared a value in the GLobal variables as a TIME type... and I am trying to give it a value of 10000 ms... I always get an error message...(The initial value is invalid for the data type TIME.) and my function never works...   Please help Thanks
  5. Creating a Special Array

    Maybe in Structured Text ??
  6. Hi, I need to create an Array Filled with random bool values to a certain Purcentage... ex : 25% of True...     would look somewhat like this.....   001011101011000010101011010100101010101... not like 111111111111111100000000000000000 or 00010001000100010001 I will be using a value introduced by the user as an Int from the HMI then create the Array with this random function...   Please Help... I am losing patience over this !!   Thanks