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  1. Temperature controling with module

    Hello to everybody! This time I need to make a program to control temperature ... Some help? I don't know how to use an analog module, I'm just starting to working with them. The PLC I have a FX3u-32MR/ES (Mitsubishi), and I have the modules; FX3u-4AD-ADP and FX3u-4AD-PT-ADP for temperature measurement. PLEASE HELP? Have a good day!
  2. GX Developer commands

    Hello everyone! Could someone help me and explain me this block of a ladder diagram I'm working with? I do understand the M800 is always ON contact, for the PLC to not lose the values.  Also I know that the DIV is a division, the FLT is a integer to floating point (thing I don't understand), the DEMUL is a floating point multiplication (thing I also don't understand), the INT is a floating point to 16-bit integer, and the MOV is for moving a value from a data register to an other data register. Help... :(  
  3. GX Developer timer command

    Hello everyone! Could someone help me and tell me what the "D212" means? I know that to define the time of a TIMER you must put a k and number (miliseg).   Help.... :(
  4. GX Developer Special Relays

    Thank you @Crossbow
  5. GX Developer Special Relays

    For real? I WILL CHECK IT OUT! But if you could help me with the link, that would be great ! Thanks for recommendation!!!!
  6. DRIVER for cable FX-UBS-AW

    No it's not a Mitsubishi cable, but I already did some experiment and it works great!  THANKS FOR HELP TO ALL OF YOU!!! :D

    @kaare_t is this correct when you turn ON  the PLC?... (Just the POWER led?)   Jhona

    Thanks for the help @kaare_t, I found that the input voltaje is 120Vac and I think it is working correctly Even so...
  9. GX Developer Simulation problems

    I install everthing from the CD, all. Could give the link? To try with that? Jhona
  10. DRIVER for cable FX-UBS-AW

    I install a driver from plccable.com, I hope it works correcly with the PLC Thanks for the help @kaare_t !!! Jhona

    Hello everybody. My FX3u PLC doesn't turn ON, I connect to 24Vdc and nothing, not even the POWER led :( Any recommendation??????????? PLEASE   
  12. GX Developer Special Relays

    keere_t could you help me with a new problem... I connect ny PLC FX3U with 24Vdc and it doesn't turn on. Not even the led of POWER... NOTHING :(  I connect the wires where there are should to be... Helpppp Jhona 
  13. GX Developer Simulation problems

    Hello to everybody!  I have same trouble with the simulation, I CAN'T SIMULATE :(  The botton for simulation is not active, the PLC I'm using is a FX3U Mitsubishi. Any recommendation?
  14. DRIVER for cable FX-UBS-AW

    GX Developer and I'm using a FX3U PLC, and yes I already intall it. 
  15. DRIVER for cable FX-UBS-AW

    Thank you for the info, but I already tried whit the driver in   C:\Program Files\MELSEC\Easysocket\USBDrivers   and Windows tells me that there isn't any driver in that carpet, any recommendation????   PD. I also tried with the diver a this video...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDHhor6tHuU