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  1. Hello guys! I'm interesting about rfid communication. I currently using control logix and compact logix plcs, and rslogix 5000 software. I'm wondering if someone can help me with a sample project, or any documentation. Its also can be wonderful if someone can share a project with panelview if its possible. I wanna know about reading and also writing. What type of device do you guys using ? I would like to make a simple program what is contain reading and writing. Thank you ahead any help of yours.     
  2. - i'm from VietNam, Who can help me?? - I cannot communicate the RFID card reader with the FX3U PLC using the FX3U-485ADP-MB module; - register error D8438 = 3821; D8423 = 1025; D8422 = 212. - Here is the connection picture and my PLC code thanks !!!!
  3. Hi Guys! Is there anybody worked already with Proface panel and RFID reader ? Can anybody help me with that ? Even it is possible to use RFID reader on a Proface touch panel ?  The software what I use is RSlogix 5000 and of course, GP-PRO for the proface panel. Thank you so much for your answers.
  4. RS232 ascii to CC-Link

    Hey all, im looking for some way to convert ASCII msg from rfid reader send through rs232 to CC-Link, I've found AJ65 from mitsu and some converter from Anybus, but I would like something much smaller...   changing readers for some CC-link compatible is most likely out of question (unless reader will be cheaper than converter), because they are legacy HW with hundreds of them instaled   Thank you
  5. RFID readers

    This is my first post on this forum and need some help from the experts: We are still using V600-H11 RFID reader/writer (old production line). A new production line is being assembled and we had to switch to V680S-HMD63-ETN , I think the V600-H11's are being obsoleted.  We bought CJ2M-CPU33's for this new line and I have some questions regarding the compability and/or hardware needed. - Do I need to buy a CJ1W-ETN21 module to connect the RFID or can it be connected directly to the built-in ethernet port in the CPU?  - is the ladder diagram similar to the one we are using for the V600's ? or function blocks HAVE to be used ? - Does anybody has a ladder diagram sample for this V680's reader/writer? Thanks in advance for your time to read this message and help.   Saludos desde MX  
  6. I am trying to use my RFIDeas pcProx plus reader with my micrologix 1400. I know that the 1400 can send and receive strings. I want to read in the id number from the reader and send it to an external database. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you