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  1. CJ1W-AD041-V1 - Damaging Channels

    Good Afternoon, I Need you help to fix something that is driving me crazy, here is the story: I am using a CJ1W-AD041-V1 to sense a motor current thru a current transducer ( Ohio Semitronics Mod. CT8-006D )  the nominal current we are sensing is 800 mA ( 8V ) Module is set at 0 - 10  VDC  [ 100 mA = 1 V ]  Lately,  module's channels are being damaged, and I cannot find the root cause  I added a zener diode + resistor to limit the input voltage to 10 VDC ( at the module's terminals ) but did not help at all - it starts by reading half of the actual reading but, it deteriorates after more testing, until it is completely damaged ( not reading at all, either #0000 or #FFFF )     Thanks in advance for your replies  
  2. RFID readers

    Thank you gentlemen for your quick response...  I will keep you posted on how this ends. 
  3. RFID readers

    This is my first post on this forum and need some help from the experts: We are still using V600-H11 RFID reader/writer (old production line). A new production line is being assembled and we had to switch to V680S-HMD63-ETN , I think the V600-H11's are being obsoleted.  We bought CJ2M-CPU33's for this new line and I have some questions regarding the compability and/or hardware needed. - Do I need to buy a CJ1W-ETN21 module to connect the RFID or can it be connected directly to the built-in ethernet port in the CPU?  - is the ladder diagram similar to the one we are using for the V600's ? or function blocks HAVE to be used ? - Does anybody has a ladder diagram sample for this V680's reader/writer? Thanks in advance for your time to read this message and help.   Saludos desde MX