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  1. I have G310 and need to communicate with a AB PowerFlex 753 via Ethernet (20-COMM-E). I have tinkered with the Allen-Bradley drivers, which appear to be a MSG function, with no success. Has anyone done this?
  2. This is a problem that shouldn't happen .. It may be due to a defective Network port in the PC. Basically, it's easy to connect to Red Lion G3 HMI's.. using USB, or Ethernet.   Unfortunately there is a flaw with the G315 processor.. and you cannot connect with newer PC's via USB .. and there is no FIX.   However, connecting via Ethernet should be quite easy .. and, I'm able to do it with several old and newer PCs' .. EXCEPT one:   A Dell Latitude E6410.   I don't need help with the Red Lion programming to enable Ethernet communication via TCP/IP ... That's kinda straight forward. (sorta) What I need help with is... what's wrong with my PC ..?  sniff!      I have two similar Dell's  .. one is an ATG model... I've set the fixed LAN IP address the same in both ( and I've set the HMI's Ethernet port (789) to an address in the same subset:  ...   The E6410 ATG communicates no problem.. the other E6410 ..communication fails.  Everything seems identical in both PC's (well... not totally .. the LAN cards might be different) Anyone ever had this connectivity problem where only one of two identical PC's can connect via Ethernet? Thanks Much... PS: perhaps a suggestion on troubleshooting a LAN Network card? OR..Firewall blocking the HMI connecting...  ?  
  3. Weintek and Redlion

    Hi all.   I have a Weintek MTV 100 unit and using easy builder to create a screen. I have a Red Lion G15 hooked up to an AB plc. We do a few calcs using the G15 and store the values in tags. I have it also setup with as a  Modbus slave so I am using it as a protocal conversion.   I can see the 5 addresses I have set up with modbus from another PC using Modbus software and also a Modbus scanner.   However I am having difficulty getting the Weintek to talk to it? Can someone give me the exact protocol name of the Modbus protocol emitting from the Red Lion? The first address is simply 400001 so I am sure its not zero based but I seem to be missing something on the Weintek. Any help is much appreciated
  4. Has anybody tried communicating Allen Bradley 5069 Compact logix PLC with Red Lion HMI ?  I am unable to communicate them in spite of adding AB tags via L5K file which gives me no error. I am able to see all the tags in Crimsion 3.0 software in development mode.  However, PLC & HMI are not communicating with each other. I am able to ping to both, using the same program in PLC of which I generated L5K file.  I think it may have something to do with the driver as 5069 is a new line of PLC Rockwell come out with only in 2016.   
  5. Hi guys, I,m using software crimsom3.0 to program a  Modular Controller Red Lion Model CSMSTRZR. I wrote the program and download to Red Lion but don't run.I followed the instructions to configure communications using the user manual, but don't response. What do you thing can be? What step i missed?