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    What link would that be?  Thanks, regards, Michael Lambert
  2. Firmware update killed my NA HMI

    Hi Crossbow .. so happy you survived the pandemic .. so far ... going to be with us for a few more years... sniff!
  3. Firmware update killed my NA HMI

    Hi...  The good news is, it can be restored... unfortunately, when I had that problem, it was 5 years ago.. so naturally I've forgotten everything I ever learned back then...  sorry... But, you might open a new thread.. or directly contact the people who helped me back then .. I couldn't have done it without them!   Good Luck, Regards, Michael
  4. Thanks again DanW  I'm sorry if I didn't mention it before, It took a short while for Red Lion support (the best) to understand what I was asking...  Sometimes when nubies ask questions.. the experts think way beyond what is troubling us.. I was only concerned with how the HMI was going to convert a base 10 number entered on the screen to binary, and then map the 8 bits that would define that number in the ADAM 4050 Remote D/IO module.. which would control the LinMot 1100-GP  Linear motor Drive ... that uses D/IO for all functions of operation... Red Lion does have the drivers for ADAM modules.. and can use Modbus or whatever is required to make this work.  The HMI's I'm using are a bit out of date and discontinued... But.. they will work...   Without the converter... as you say use the Red Lion's RS-485 port.
  5. Sounds like a great idea BobLfoot ... But, I am stuck on the Red Lion... Just cause I have one..      I may have to write a conversion program in "C"  (Red Lion uses something like C for running programs with the data that is entered .. Red Lions are a lot like PLC's   .. but... I have no idea what the Kadet (discontinued) model G304K200 can do...   I'll post the results. PS:  I believe the new Red Lion Graphite series HMI has modules that plug into the back of the unit.. including a D/IO module...   This project does not merit such an expense.
  6. My computer would let me log on to their site.. said it was dangerous in the extreme!  Thanks for the info.. looks a lot like ADAM modules
  7. Thanks DanW .... Yup.. I got a ADAM 4520.. (converts RS232 to RS485)   ... Did that when I acquired a G304K000 (which has only RE232.... then I found a used G304K200 .. which has lots of good ports: RS232, RS422/485 and Ethernet ... This is going to be more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have!
  8. Zamora   .. PS:   Actually I do want to monitor some DO's from the LinMot driver... like "Home",  "Error acknowledged"  "in Position"   I think there are about 5 status DO's that would be nice to have on the screen.
  9. Those look great.  The price is amazingly low, compared to ADAM     You said you use these with a Kadet (Crimson 1 or C2?)  It's the Red Lion driver I need to find.. or some simple tutorial on the mapping of the Kadet's tags with the WellPro Modules .. specifically the I/O module... that's all i need ... don't need no stinkin' PLC/CPU  the Red Lion can do what I need (so can some toggle switches... but that would be too easy. Do you know of any info (tutorials) from WellPro RS232 or RS422/485 or Ethernet TCP/IP   The Kadet G304K200 is a little more advanced that the G304K000 (Red Lion support doesn't think I should try that last one.       Regards, Michael
  10. Zamora ... Thanks for the reply... You are quite right ... but, it's kinda a challenge for me.  If it's possible to use the HMI... I would like to do it.  I did acquire a Kadet G304K200 .. which has RS232 and RS422/485 and TCP/.IP ethernet  It does use ASCII Modbus .. and Red Lion does have a driver for some ADAM modules... (The 4050 is not listed in the list... but, that's just because it isn't verified)   Advantech doesn't know much about Red Lion (The make their own HMI after all... The Red Lion G3 series ('tho discontinuing) ... is real good at interfacing with many PLC/CPU Motion Controllers out there.  I just need a little tutorial on mapping the ADAM's registers to the HMI's tags... How hard could it be ... I'm sorry I'm late responding to your post ... I failed to click something that would notify me when anyone posts on this thread... DUH
  11. Thanks,   panic mode and a062549   I will research all you suggest...   Especially you a062549 .. because you already are using something like the ADAM 4050 by Aventech ..(suggested by DanW ) I do need the Kadet to receive DI's .. I don't think Crimson 2 (G304K000) will work as well as the newer G304K200 series using Crimson 3 ...  'Tho both are discontinued and are replaced with seriously better units.. CR1000 series.  I'm not in a big hurry ... I guess it will take about a month or so to get the Modules.  I do like the DIN rail connector on the back   .. The price is great!    Isn't the only way to connect to the Red lLon Kadets via RS232.?.. or are you talking about the CR1000  (do they call that a Kadet too...? Panic Mode:  I wish I was as smart enough to do what you suggest .. I never got into Arduino, but I do know Siemens, Red Lion, LinMot systems, Omron Nj systems and Delta Motion controllers... and, that's about it !         I'm very limited with automation electronics   .. it's all about one project; Now trying to make it "very" simple..  PS:  sorry I didn't reply sooner... didn't get a notice that you guys posted to my question...  I must have missed selecting a "click here to get email notifications of posts "
  12. DanW That looks real good!  ... I don't see any DB9 connector?.. it all looks like terminal connections ..  The manual is large enough!   Still looking at it...
  13. Thanks, DanW ...  I've been doing some research.. for stand-alone IO modules.  They are out there ... alone... but not really ... somewhere there is a programable controller talking to them.  Ideally, I should connect directly to the HMI ...  The HMI I'm using is a legacy G304K20U .. with only RS232 for communication & control.   I'll research the Advantech Adam 4050. Thanks again for the info .. will come back with what I find PS: have a lot of experience with the larger G3 HMI series & Crimson 2 and 3 ... I'm just trying something very small and simple.. something to do during the Pandemic...  
  14. I need a Red Lion HMI to communicate with an IO module (8) IO's ... I don't really need a PLC.  Because the control of a certain LinMot drive for a linear motor can be activated by IO's.  This LinMot drive can store up to 100 curves... which can simply be called into operation by a single binary number between 0 & 255,  defined by eight IO's ..  you input the number on the HMI, the HMI converts to binary and set the (8) IO's in the module which sends the binary number to the LinMot drive..   Yes, there are some other IO's for starting and stopping ... and it may be unrealistic for me to not use a PLC.   I'm trying to get the cost way down...    If a "stand-alone" IO module does not exist... then is there a simple, low budget PLC out there, with 8 or 16 IO's available..?    Thanks much, Michael
  15. Image primitive for Red Lion Crimson 2.0

     Hi Joe E. & Jazzplayermark ...  Sorry I've been away.  Somehow got locked out of the account, forgot my password. and didn't know there was a junk mail for  on my PC  DUH! I have finally met with success, with some really good suggestions from Kolyur  on my thread, I also posted there.  I wasn't sure which forum would be best for Red Lion G3: My favorite solution is to create a file in the root directory of C:\  named Pics. in that file is the program makepic (copied it from the Red Lion Controls install files also in the root directory)  along with all the .bmp photo files I wanted to convert and load into the Red Lion Compact Flash to save memory.  However, the photos do not have a .bmp in their name. (like Photo1)   Then open the command prompt as administrator, and change directory:  cd C:\ Pics     Now, the command line is very simple:   C:\ makepic  Photo1.bmp 1      Notice the spaces ... no quotes!  no backslash.  That "1" at the end can be any number between 0 and 999 .. which is used by the HMI to call the picture from the Compact Flash. If you use any of the "switches" like  -wide  (use RGB 555 16-bit color values), the command line would look like: C:\ makepic  -wide Photo1.bmp 1 One thing that caught me, is the picture won't show up on the PC when programming the Red Lion, but, it will show up on the HMI... I did contact Red Lion Support... and got a better tutorial than was posted in their C2 manual ... But, I liked Kolyur's method better... Thanks for your help .. there are many ways to screw up this process in command line programming.  especially if you are not fluent in that area.