Allen Bradley 5069 Compatlogix communication issue with Red Lion HMI

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Has anybody tried communicating Allen Bradley 5069 Compact logix PLC with Red Lion HMI ? 

I am unable to communicate them in spite of adding AB tags via L5K file which gives me no error. I am able to see all the tags in Crimsion 3.0 software in development mode. 

However, PLC & HMI are not communicating with each other. I am able to ping to both, using the same program in PLC of which I generated L5K file. 
I think it may have something to do with the driver as 5069 is a new line of PLC Rockwell come out with only in 2016. 


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I've used the Red Lion HMIs with everything Rockwell from PLC5 through ControlLogix v16-24 and the 1769-L3x CompactLogix family with zero issues over Ethernet/IP.  We haven't yet used the newest line of PLCs, though.

There are 2 L5K drivers in Crimson 3.0: "Native Tags via L5K file" (v1.04) and "Native Tags via L5K file Enhanced" (v2.01).  I usually use the older version.  Have you tried both?

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