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  1. Hi All, How can I collect the information provided through RSLinx in a ControlNet network, specifically on the Station Diagnostics Contronet devices? My idea is to generate some statistics errors and avoid some network errors failures.
  2. I have some logic changes to make to a program in the field. My boss gave me a program that has all the changes that need to be made, I just need to copy them over to the program that is currently in the PLC. I know how to copy the rungs over no problem, but this new program has a bunch of UDTs while the program currently in the PLC doesn't have any.  I know I can go through one by one and copy each UDT from the updated program over to the one in the PLC but that seems unnecessarily tedious. There must be a way to copy all of them over at once, no? When I right click on the UDT folder I see the option to import but I dont see an option to export. What am I missing?
  3. Gents,   Does Logix5000 have an equivalent to 500's CDM File? I need to monitor several points but I can't get them on the same screen at once. Also, is there a work-around for the lag time when monitoring a bit in 5000? I am watching a timer ACC but it doesn't show in monitor at every cycle.
  4. ello.I am Melani. I working on to convert Siemes S5 code to Logix5000.Following is FB that need to convert.Segment 1Name :John0005 :C DB 2100006 :L FW 400007 :T DW 20008 :L DW 60009 :T DW 1000A M001 :L KB 0000B :O DW 1000C :T FW 0000D :L DW 1000E :L KB 2000F :+F0010 :T DW 10011 :L DW 80012 :<F0013 :JC =M0010014 :L DW 20015 :T FW 400016 :C DB 1500017 :L KB 00018 :T DW 10019 :T DW 2001A :T DW 3001B :***How to convert this code to Logix5000 either structure text or ladder logic?Thank you if anyone can help me to convert it.Thank you.Melani
  5. Looking through the ladder logic on my program and came across an OTL instruction, and when I cross reference it, there's no OTU. Is this normal? It was my understanding any OTL instruction must have an OTU associated with it.
  6. Hi, I want to use a third party gateway with RS Logix5000 PLC over Ethernet/IP. Third party gateway has proprietary interface on the other side for diff types of devices. For this system I want to build a modular EDS file. First of all is it possible to have modular EDS file for third party devices with RS Logix5000. Thanks.
  7. I'm writing an AOI to handle some logic to control a clamping cylinder.  The extend and return commands can come from several different places within the PLC program as well as from the robot in the work cell.   My original idea was just to set the extend and return input parameters as DINT's then address all of the coils as EXTEND_CLAMP.0, etc.  That works just fine, but it isn't as clean as just being able to use Clamp_Control.Extend in all of the coils.  I know Logix will return a duplicate coil warning if I simply use the AOI parameter over and over again, but will it prevent the OTE's from operating?    What is the best practice for something like this?  AOIs and function blocks are relatively new to me.  I was always taught to avoid duplicate coils in straight ladder program; but function blocks throw a different wrench into the works.
  8. Is there anybody here that is an advocate "mapping" all I/O into multi-layered UDT's instead of aliasing a controller tag for every I/O? Care to share your experience on this?
  9. [Hello, this is my first post - hope I posted in the right place.] We have multiple Logix5000 PLCs and are using Wonderware 9.x HMI. There are 4 SCADA PCs running Wonderware. Each is set up with DAServer and they pull the tags directly from the PLCs. On one SCADA PC, DAServer is continuously throwing the following error when attempting to read tags from a specific PLC: "Encountered following errors while establishing connection for New_PORT_CIP_000.HSPS.Backplane... ExtSTS=011A: Target Application cannot support any more connections". The tags from that PLC don't get updated on this particular SCADA PC. The "HSPS" PLC reports 7 active connections, with 64 available. CPU utilization is ~30%. The other PCs are not reporting this error and are working fine. I would be very grateful for any suggestions to track down this error. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I have been trying to emulate an exisiting logix5000 project but am struggling somewhat. All the online help I have found so far is just showing me how to set up emulator with a new project. I.e. set up the controller from scratch. What I need to do, is take a project code from an exisiting process, make my changes and then test on the emulator. I did it once but as soon as I downloaded the project to the emulator controller I got near on 900 errors as the code couldn't resolve the I/O. If anyone knows of a technote that advises on existing code emulation that would be great. Just to be brave, I actually want to set up multiple emulators and have a couple of codes running at the same time so I can test SCADA I/O, is this possible? Cheers for now Alex
  11. I need to add 1738-AENTR ArmorPoint Ethernet module to Logix5000 system. I have 1756-A13 backplane with 1756-L63 Controller and 1756-ENET/A Communication Interface. I believe I need to use 1738-AENTR add on profile but I can not find it and don't know how to add that to RSLogix5000. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am using RSLogix 5000 Standard Edition, V18.02.00(CPR 9 SR 2).