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  1. Thanks for the info guys. One at a time seems like a huge hassle but I can understand why it is the way it is. 
  2. I have some logic changes to make to a program in the field. My boss gave me a program that has all the changes that need to be made, I just need to copy them over to the program that is currently in the PLC. I know how to copy the rungs over no problem, but this new program has a bunch of UDTs while the program currently in the PLC doesn't have any.  I know I can go through one by one and copy each UDT from the updated program over to the one in the PLC but that seems unnecessarily tedious. There must be a way to copy all of them over at once, no? When I right click on the UDT folder I see the option to import but I dont see an option to export. What am I missing?
  3. Not at the moment. I'm currently looking into it. If it's another PLC then it should be as simple as sticking the appropriate PLC into the Path of the MSG instruction, and picking the appropriate Source Element and Destination Element, correct?
  4. Update: I was initially wrong in my thinking that everything was communicating over data highway. Turns the old system communicates to the HMIs, barcode readers, etc. over DeviceNet. Because of this and the fact that all DeviceNet communication is being replaced by Ethernet, I believe I can delete all the associated BTR and BTW instructions and simply read those tags over Ethernet.  Thanks Joe and Michael for all of your help.
  5. Joe, yes there is. 11 of them to be exact. I attached a picture of one of them if it'll help. Thank you for the info on the analog signals as well. I figured it would be something like that.
  6. This would have been a good idea, but at the same time I'm not experienced enough to really know how to make it easier to follow and I would run into these BTR, BTW, and MSG instructions and still not know how to handle them. Not to mention, even the guys I work with were laughing about how disorganized this program is. It's definitely been a tough first assignment. Good thing shutdown isn't until Christmas.
  7. Hello, I am currently converting a project from PLC5 to ControlLogix. I have migrated the program from Logix5 to Logix5000 and any Block Transfer Read, Block Transfer Write, or Message instructions were converted to a MSG in Logix5000. We are using the  AB PLC5 to ControlLogix 1756 Conversion Kit. All old racks and cards will be upgraded to ControlLogix racks and cards.I have a few questions:1. In the old system there was only 1 rack with a PLC5, the other 4 simply had I/O and communicated that back to the PLC5 over DH. These BTR and BTW instructions were only used for the analog data somehow, correct? If yes, can you elaborate on this a bit please.2. As I said earlier, there were also message instructions. My understanding is that message instructions are only needed when communicating between multiple PLCs. So if there was only one PLC5, why were message instructions being used?3. The upgraded system will only have 1 rack with a PLC (1756-L73) and will be communicating with the other 4 racks over ethernet. Since ethernet is being used, are these message instructions (BTR, BTW & message from the old program) even necessary anymore? Do they need to be replaced with a MOV or COP instruction?If more information is needed please let me know. I'm new to the industry and this is the first project I was put on so I'm definitely a noob here.