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  1. Logix5000 Best Practices

    Is there anybody here that is an advocate "mapping" all I/O into multi-layered UDT's instead of aliasing a controller tag for every I/O? Care to share your experience on this?
  2. Data Collection

    I'm using an OLDI SAM runinng Linux. Wrote some custom C client/server applications that allow me to pull tags from any Ethernet/IP PLC on the network. Through an OpenVPN network, we could update a cetnral databse. We're currently re-evaluating this however, as the amount of custom code to support this is large. Looking at Wonderware and products from B&R. The SAM goes for about $5000, but you'll spend 100's of hours coding to make something actually work.
  3. Version Control

    I liitle more info: We too display PLC and HMI version info to the user, but we do NOT make any effort to keep the numbering the same ... and I don't think we want to try to keep all controller/HMI programs in sync.
  4. Version Control

    Hello, We're an OEM and are using subversion to version control software for our system. System controller components include Logix 5000 platform PLC's, PanelView running FTV ME, OLDI SAM running Linux and custom applications (mostly Perl and C), Watlow RM temperature controller, PF VFD's and K300 Servos. We enforce svn locks on binary (acd and mer) files, since meging is not an option here. So this is all working pretty well, but my management team is insinting that we revision control everyting as a group. Using svn to make a snap-shot of everything and calling that a revision is not an issue, but making a small change to say, the HMI, then forces a new revision for the whole ball of wax, as it were. So I think this is silly, and we'd be better served by rev controlling individual program/platforms. I was wondering if there is anybody out here that might have some similar experience and/or willing to share any insight. Thanks, Bill