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  1. Need a little help

    I am probably over looking something simple but I am stuck. I need to count how many containers come down a conveyor and display it in Indusoft Web Studio 2020. I am using a CJ2M to count from a sensor doing an binary incremental long word (++L) Using long word as the count will need to go into the thousands. (not 100% if this is the correct way). My problem is after 99 the value sent to indusoft is not a number but letters or signs. I am sure their is a simple solution but I have given my self a headache and need a little guidance please. 
  2. How do I communicate between an Omron NX1P2 Automation Controller and Indusoft Web Studio. This is the first time using an Automation Controller. I am familiar with communicating between Omron PLC's and Indusoft using OMETH drivers. What driver should I use?
  3. Hello Guys, Im trying to stream camera in indusoft thorigh vlc plugin (Activex), I want to use RTSP to stream, we have the URL rdy, but dont know where to insert Someone tried this before, rly need assitance. THANKS!!!
  4.   I have created Indusoft project v8.1 SP1, with following defined languages:   - English-United States (1033 ) - Russian-Moldova ( 2073 )   On the server PC, the translation is working just fine using the function: SetLanguage() But, On a remote client PC (running SecureViewer), the translation is not working, and the function returns the value: (-1) !!   What are the possible causes for this problem ? Thanks in advance.
  5. i am new in indusoft web studio. i am facing a problem about communication of indusoft with plc.   i am communicating with plc through fx2n-422-bd card.   can some one guide me the steps of communication.  he/she will be a life saver.. as i am  in a deep trouble
  6. Facing some problem while developing SCADA. Kinldy give some solution for below problems. 1) While using Update statement I want to use tag instead of values e.g $DBUpdate("sajja","MFG1_EMPTY_DETAILS", $Date ,"MFG1_EMPTY_DATE") $DBUpdate("sajja","MFG1_EMPTY_DETAILS", $Time ,"MFG1_EMPTY_TIME") Its showing “Script is OK “ but it is not showing the current date and time in DB.It copying same $Date and $Time in DB 2) using Delete statement I want to use tag instead of values e.g Query 1: $DBDelete( "sajja", "Recipe", "REC_Product_Code = $RECIPE_SEL[1]", "" ) Query 2: Dim A A= "Delete from Recipe where REC_Product_Code = $RECIPE_SEL[1] " $DBExecute("sajja",A) Its showing “Script is OK “ but not working. If I use product code directly instead of $RECIPE_SEL[1] then it I working Ok.
  7. I successfully read the input and output of OMRON PLC CPM2A with Indusoft web studio (IWS) by using OMPLC driver. I have select OMPLC driver (Serial Com). Then configure a driver worksheet. The driver worksheet is the place that PLC tags are associated to InduSoft tags. I successfully read the I/O but I failed to write the I/O of PLC by using IWS. Can you help me? It is difficult to find OMPLC Standard Driver Sheet (SDS) for control relay output block (CROB) and Analogue output block (AOB). The attached diagram shows My Standard Driver Sheet (SDS) setup. Thank you for your kind cooperation. Zack Malaysia