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  1. Tracking Containers

    The WSFT instruction intrigues me. I will look more into this and give it a try. Thank you!
  2. Tracking Containers

    If I am understanding you mean the input as in TS14 is not releasing or retriggering during the timer? I have tried this and it seems to be functioning correctly. I have seen the logic once and T0512 was on but the "@mov"s instruction did not complete.  However the sensor (TS14) must have cycled because the only way to get data there (and continue the chain of data) is for that sensor to see the containers, and then when it doesn't start the timer. Apologies if I am misunderstanding what you meant.
  3. Tracking Containers

    I am using sensors to track container data down a line. I use am using mov instructions but every so often the data isn't deleted as the container moves past the sensor (location of this changes each time) Below is the only logic that effects those memory bits. Am I missing something obvious? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Need a little help

    I am probably over looking something simple but I am stuck. I need to count how many containers come down a conveyor and display it in Indusoft Web Studio 2020. I am using a CJ2M to count from a sensor doing an binary incremental long word (++L) Using long word as the count will need to go into the thousands. (not 100% if this is the correct way). My problem is after 99 the value sent to indusoft is not a number but letters or signs. I am sure their is a simple solution but I have given my self a headache and need a little guidance please.