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  1. Hi everybody, Can someone help me, to solve my problem with migration proram From Mitsubishi A0J2 to Q02HCPU. I want to migrate from the old A0J2 PLC to the new Q02HCPU. I used the migration tool A0J2 convertion support tool, i did everything according to the instructions. Unfortunately, the program on the new Q PLC works incorrectly. I attach a printout of the old program from A0J2 and a new file from GX Woks 2.
  2. Hello Mrplc's members I have a Korean version " goldsec Moj2" of Mitsubishi plc A0j2 I need to know the right software for it And how to get it I tried GX Developer but it didn't work because it have only A0J2h type And I tried melsec medoc (version 1.64) but it didn't have A series CPUs
  3. Hi colleagues, I have an old Melsec A0J2 on my desk. I have doubts about the correct operation of inputs and outputs. Is Melsec Medoc v2.41 the last software to use this PLC? In the program, I am looking for how to view the Online status of inputs, and how to force the outputs. I'm looking for these options and can't find it anywhere. How to possibly check if the inputs and outputs work properly?    
  4. Any old timers out there that can dust off the memories and help me program an old A0J2 processor? I can access the processor through Virtual Box DOS and MELSEC MEDOC.  I can upload the program and data registers and print everything.  The problem is that I want to change the program and having issues with the software & PLC.  The PLC has a ROM in it (ROM not an EPROM or EEPROM).  I can remove the ROM and set the jumper to RAM instead of ROM.  When I try to download the program I get "Param different" and the download stops.  I can reinstall the ROM and the PLC reloads OK and runs the program.  Where can I view/download/change the "Parameters" that the message is referring?  Do I need to clear the PLC somehow and reload everything? Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.