A0J2 to Q02HCPU - after migration the program does not work properly

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Hi everybody,

Can someone help me, to solve my problem with migration proram From Mitsubishi A0J2 to Q02HCPU.

I want to migrate from the old A0J2 PLC to the new Q02HCPU.

I used the migration tool A0J2 convertion support tool, i did everything according to the instructions.

Unfortunately, the program on the new Q PLC works incorrectly.

I attach a printout of the old program from A0J2 and a new file from GX Woks 2.


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I see that in step 91 that there we're some Special A registers that did not get converted. You will have to check this.

The migration tool provides an HTML file which shows you this. Did you check that ?

SM1255 and SD1255 are non converted parts 

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