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  1. Hi everybody, Can someone help me, to solve my problem with migration proram From Mitsubishi A0J2 to Q02HCPU. I want to migrate from the old A0J2 PLC to the new Q02HCPU. I used the migration tool A0J2 convertion support tool, i did everything according to the instructions. Unfortunately, the program on the new Q PLC works incorrectly. I attach a printout of the old program from A0J2 and a new file from GX Woks 2. Old_A0J2_and_New_program_Q02HCPU.zip
  2. CP1L via ModbusTCP to Vacon100/Danfoss

    I have already activated ModbusTCP on the inverters. The problem is, I've never done this with communication frames and I don't know how to do it. Could someone show me step by step?
  3. I need to control two Vacon100 / Danfoss AC drives via ModbusTCP from the CP1L controller. How to make a communication frame to transmit the operating frequency and receive data such as current from the inverter? The drives have IP and Can anyone help me how to build a communication frame?
  4. Switching off/on by analog signal - Omron CP1L

    I made the adjustment using the comparator >(320) and <(310) and the function KEEP(011). Everything works as intended. Thanks for your help.
  5. Switching off/on by analog signal - Omron CP1L

    In terms of operation, I would like it to be an alternative solution to the Analog Comparator, such as in LOGO. Example below. https://ibb.co/7W3VPkk https://ibb.co/Xzpv3Hr
  6. Hello colleagues, I have a CP1L controller with two analog inputs built in. To the first input (A642) I have a 0-10V signal from the inverter that drives the shredder. I have to do so that when the load exceeds the upper threshold, it temporarily stops the engine until it drops by some value and starts again. I can't come up with a solution. Please help.
  7. Mitsubishi A0J2 diagnose I/O on Melsec Medoc

    I have an old computer with Windows 95 and MELSOFT GX Developer version 8.20. This program does not support A0J2. There is only A0J2H and these are two different PLC. I am looking for a monitor function in Melsec Medoc, but cannot find one.
  8. Hi colleagues, I have an old Melsec A0J2 on my desk. I have doubts about the correct operation of inputs and outputs. Is Melsec Medoc v2.41 the last software to use this PLC? In the program, I am looking for how to view the Online status of inputs, and how to force the outputs. I'm looking for these options and can't find it anywhere. How to possibly check if the inputs and outputs work properly?    
  9. GE Series ONE program listing

    Steve thanks for the info. I didn't know that this series of drivers was being continued by Siemens and Koyo. I was able to get the Simatic Data Communication Unit TI305-03DM. I communicate with GE Series One without any problem.
  10. I have a damaged Omron CP1H driver. Broken inputs. I cannot replace the driver because the password is on the UM. For this reason, Backup - Restore cannot be used. The machine is from China and unfortunately there is no support from the manufacturer.
  11. I have an old Fanuc SeriesONE PLC which will be replaced with a new Omron CJ1M The SET OUT RESET instruction is used in the Fanuc PLC program. Is there an equivalent of such instruction in CX-Programmer?
  12. GE Series ONE program listing

    The machine was manufactured in 1988. and works in Poland. The controller has a damaged memory. I have the Omron CJ1M-CPU11 PLC in stock as well as ID211 and OC211 outputs which I think should match. I just wonder how to transfer functions that I wrote to the new driver at the beginning.
  13. GE Series ONE program listing

    Hello, I have an old GE series one driver in the machine. Unfortunately, the CPU has been damaged. I have a program listing on a piece of paper and I would like to type in a new driver, e.g. Omron CJ1M but I have a problem with deciphering a part of the program. On the first page the output is "SOR" and in input at the D630.