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  1. Device Memory Mismatch

    Hi guys I have a mismatch in my Device data and I do not know why this is mismatched, can someone give me a indication of where to adjust it or view where it is assigned?   Kind Regards Morne
  2. Hi Ken, do you know where I might find a tutorial on how to setup the unsolicited messages on the Kepware side? 
  3. DF1 Unsolicited Messages?

    Do any of you know where I might find a tutorial on how to setup the unsolicited messages on the Kepware side? 
  4. I am having a bit of trouble with setting the Path, my Ethernet module is called ENT and sits in slot 1, the IP address for the module is set to Do I set my path as ENT,1, Because If I follow documentation they say I should just make it 1,1 but if I do this I get a error: Class or instance not supported?
  5. Thank you, I saw that the EN2T is the one to go for.
  6. Hi All I need to receive data from a PC application using UDP on my Logix5563 PLC, Is there any example applications that I can follow? as the documentation does not really guide you for UDP open communication.   Kind regards Morne
  7. Hi Guys I am currently configuring a profibus configuration using Gx Configurator DP. I need to 3 IO modules through a FX2N-32DP-IF. The modules I need to add are: FX2N-48ER(Intputs), FX2N-16EX and another FX2N-48ER(outputs). Do I need to download these modules GSD files and add them individually to the node?  If so, can you provide me with a link to these GSD files, as I am unable to find it?   Kind Regards Morne
  8. Downloading Intelligent Function Module

    The IO set looks fine, but the SP para Error remains in the diagnostics no matter what I do. It blocks me if I want to download anything hardware related.
  9. Downloading Intelligent Function Module

    Hi Gambit   I do have GX Config DP installed, but when I try to download to module I get the attached error.  This has to do with there previously being modules on the PLC rack, that are not there anymore. Any idea how to get past this?
  10. Hi Guys   I am trying to change a profibus module on a Q02CPU from a QJ71PB92D to a QJ71PB92V, but when I try to download I keep getting the error Flash ROM writing could not execute rightly.   Now I can download and upload code thus I think the Cable and PLC power OFF is a null. How would I do this? I am using GX Works 2, as I do not have GX Configurator AD.   Kind Regards Morne
  11. Hi guys I am trying to connect a Mitsubishi FX5U PLC to a Siemens WinCC RT Advanced. I did find a document on the Siemens side on how to configure the HMI, but I can't seem to find any instructions on how to configure it on the Mitsubishi side. Any help, sample will be appreciated.   Kind Regards Morne
  12. FX3U-2HC through FX5-CNV-BUS

    Hi  I am currently working on a FX5U that is connecting to a FX3U-2HC through a FX5-CNV-BUS. I understand that you cannot pull in the FX3U-2HC into the Module Configuration, and that you just increment the module number of the FX5-CNV-BUS by one. I have tried doing this, but cannot get my sensor to pick up pulses. Does anyone have a sample program on how to do this? Showing the required BFM data I need to write to get the counter working.   Kind Regards Morne
  13. Communicating to FX5U Using a FX5-ENET

    So I assume the FX5-ENET is just for communicating between PLC's and other devices? 
  14. Communicating to FX5U Using a FX5-ENET

    I want to access it over a plant network, can I then just connect the CPU itself to the network?
  15. Communicating to FX5U Using a FX5-ENET

    I get a PLC not found message when I want to download through specify connection destination conneciton.