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    The BOOTP/DHCP is unable to function because port 67 is being used by another process Throwing this in here because I have a plethora of problems with BootP since Win10. It is rare that I use Boot/P, we don't need to install a lot of new devices, as we are an OOM. Had an old 5/05 that should of had an IP address but did not and was not immediately discoverable by other means. Could not read through the serial port because it was set up as half duplex and apparently RSlinx and/or my cable would not work on half duplex (auto find could not see any PLC's). We tested the serial port of an identical 5/05 and see the same issue, moving that to Full duplex would allow a connection. We looked at the last program back up we had and found that it was indeed set to half duplex. So, suspecting that PLC did not have an IP address, I received an error which is the first line above. It also said it was a service host with PID 10262 that was using it. I opened my services and looked for PID 10262, it was being used by a "Shared Services" function, which I stopped. Then BootP opened and worked fine. Reality is, that if I reboot, this service will likely restart and cause the same issue and I don't think I can keep it off all the time. If I can find a way to reassign this service, I'll post more here.   Good luck
  2. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    yup...I actually had that manual, didn't know until I downloaded, I think Kep sent it to me. TY
  3. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    Looks like they set it for Unpassive, I'll try some morphed settings.
  4. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    just read an article where cognex was connecting to this card with MC Protocol....checking...  
  5. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    I can ping it and no errors, so is almost set up... question though, on the integrated port, I have to set the protocol to UDP using "MC Protocol" and give it a port to be able to access this from KEPware. The "Open Settings" are different on the attached card and I can't select MC Protocol, only Active,Unpassive, FullPassive and Melsoft Connection.  
  6. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    ooof...had to do hard reset...
  7. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    All I added was the Ethernet at 0100, had to change the Start XY layout at the point as they were set to 16 points, Intelligent is 32
  8. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    hmmm getting strange error after adding the card...
  9. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    station number... So the idea is to program over it, but will be connected to an OPC server as well, KEPware....So...ah...station number?  
  10. Transfer Setup

    This worked perfect, once I removed the crap from my eyes, again, much appreciated.
  11. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    Thanks Gambit....I'm heavy Siemens background, can't use some modules in expansion. I think Rockwell you can as well (newer).
  12. Adding Ethernet Car QJ71E71-100

    Can I add a QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card into an expansion rack? (I think they call them extension base units)
  13. Transfer Setup

    oooooh... I hope this works....! TY much appreciated!!!  
  14. Transfer Setup

    Is it possible to connect via the integrated ethernet on a Q3 CPU through CClink to program a Q2 CPU? I can only find the possibility to connect to a GOT via ethernet and then from the GOT to the 2Q CPU via CClink.  I need to program the Q2 CPU through the Q3 CPU using the integrated ethernet on the Q3. CPU's are connectected together via CClink. any help greatly appreciated.
  15. CClink Intelligent connection Q3UDE to Q2H

    Thanks Gambit,  When I do a read all, are these settings captured? It appears something did not get read, or I have to modify something due to new CPU type.  I download a crap of those trainings....not sure about the linked one though, so will do that now.