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  1. Networking a LOGO 8.FS4 to Compact Logix

    Yes, AB supports Modbus TCP, but generally i have not used Modbus TCP, but have done Modbus Serial on a Mitsubishi and 20 years ago. Thanks for all the advise and opinions, but if we do the particular upgrade, we will be replacing the LOGO anyway.
  2. I have a purchased Machine that came with a Siemens LOGO 8.FSR PLC (Smart Relay). Generally we use Allen Bradley or Mitsubishi. Anyway, we need to communicate data between the LOGO and an Allen Bradley Compact Logix.  I do not desire to add an additional network to the AB but as best i can tell the LOGO is exclusively Modbus TCP/IP. Has anyone come across a similar situation?  I look online and did find an  Anybus module that claims to be able to link them together.  Looking for anyone who has faced this challenge and succeeded, or failed.   Thanks
  3. Controlling AB VFD over EIP from Mitsubishi

    Sounds like you already have the Mitsubishi setup as master and we had the AB as the master.  So not sure what to do here right now. I will look in my notes when we started and see what we did for the Mitsubishi in charge of the link.
  4. Controlling AB VFD over EIP from Mitsubishi

    On screen shot, the IP address in the EIP software should match IP Address in the AB Generic Bridge Configuration
  5. Controlling AB VFD over EIP from Mitsubishi

    Check with distributor.  EIP and CPU bundle cheaper than buying separately.