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  1. MonitoringServoMotorTemperature

    I have been trying this, but I keep getting a constant, that is not changing. 25.878906 When configuring the message, I am not sure what the class: is.   If I try and change the attribute to something like 643, the bit lights up. Like wise If I try and change the class: to anything besides 42, the bit lights up.      
  2. IPhone and Compactlogix

    I did it a while back with Advanced HMI.   I bet that is still one of the better ways  to do it. This was so long ago that I would have to relearn it, but it was relatively straight forward. YouTube:
  3. Is there a way to monitor the Temperature of a Servo Motor on Allen Bradley Servo motors... MPL? PLC: CompactLogix 1769-L30ERM Drive: Kinetix 6500   Motors: MPL-B310P-MJ72AA, and  MPL-B560F-MJ72AA I would like to be able to monitor the temperature, and flash a warning screen on the HMI if the Motor gets too hot, or perhaps shut down the operation before the Motor overload trips. The drive and PLC are connected through Ethernet IP What I don’t know is if that Motor heatsink temperature information is available to the PLC.
  4. PID IN micrologix 1400

    How are you using the PID's? Can you show me an example of a Heat PID loop. I used a Dead band timer, and it seems to work OK, but I think that PID would be better. I rarely ever do this stuff, so I'm really green when it comes to heating circuits. I have a thermocouple and heat output, no cool. I just want to control the temperature of a heater within 10 I was hoping that I could see an example of PID in Micrologix 1400. Thanks
  5. Have you gone here?:*&client=samplecode&filter=0&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&output=xml_no_dtd&proxystylesheet=samplecode&site=sample_code&getfields=*&lang=en&hl=en
  6. Micro 810 Timer Reset

    I ended up using the RTO in order to get it to work. I had to Download the latest CCW Version 8.0 in order to access the RTO instruction. It's all good now. Thanks
  7. Micro 810 Timer Reset

    I would like to create a Ladder logic file to do the following: When an Input is pressed, I want to start a Timer. When the input is pressed again, I want to write the Elapsed time of the timer to a word, and then reset the timer, and start the timer again. I tried putting a pulse Rising Edge Contact to start the timer, and a reverse contact (XIO) on the input to keep the timer going, but this only times half of the time. This is my first project with the Micro810 On RSLogix, I can reset the Timer, so I don’t have this dilemma. Any pointers?
  8. Bridging the gap between PLC and Smartphone

    I would suggest Archie's Advanced HMI It should work great with your MicroLogix1100 PLC., not so much with the 1000. You will have to download some kind of Remote Desktop on your Galaxy to connect to a computer that is on the same network as your PLC. I was able to do it with an Iphone. Good Luck!
  9. MicroLogix1000 for home automation/ projects?

    I second the suggestion by Jeremy. 1763-L16AWA You can power it by your wall outlet. I usually cut down a Power cord from a Computer Monitor. I suggest going through a surge protector, that way you can use the switch to cycle power. Good Luck!
  10. MicroLogix1000 for home automation/ projects?

    Just in case you forget your Laptop at work, you can download the Free Version of RsLogix that will be able to program your Micrologix 1000.
  11. Remote access to ML1400 to monitor and control?

    I second the AdvancedHMI option. I was able to monitor a machine using my iphone. I didn't include any controls, but I suppose that you could.
  12. ML1400 Fault

    Wow! ~1,000 Micrologix 1400's Can you tell us what they are all used for?
  13. SLC500 5/03 with Ethernet

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but how much money are they actually saving? I imagine that a good portion of the savings will be put back into the 1761-NET-ENI cabling and R&D.
  14. RSLOGIX 500 Wheel

    Can you use a standard 800T Selector switch, instead of a Wheel?
  15. Kinetix 6500 questions.

    I have very limited knowledge about this, but I did have to use the MASR, and it seems to work for me every time.