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  1. Collision avoidance R04CPU R16RTCPU error

    Upload the program
  2. Good day I have a problem with collision avoidance, I get this error by upload a program to R04CPU error is ES:010a41d1? Can you help me?
  3. Collision avoidance R04CPU R16RTCPU error

    Yes only into R04CPU
  4. Euromap

    Good day people, how work euromap 67 on Mitsubishi PLC, the ENGEL need work with euromap between Robots  and ENGEL
  5. Keyence Vision System and Mitsubishi

    What CVX you have?
  6. Mitshibisi to Fanuc Robot with cc link

    Try this documentation https://www.mitsubishielectric.com/dl/fa/document/manual/plc/sh081270eng/sh081270enge.pdf Page is 73
  7. Can u attach a file with program?
  8. RJ71EIP91

    Problem solved you must turn on communication bit Y10 on CPU look here Element - Module - Module Label - RJ71EIP91 - Output Signal - bSetCommunicationStartupRequest or use FB GetInputData or SetOutputData. and the next problem was a bad EDS file. 
  9. Thanks all the problem is solved.  EDS file for SMC EX600-SEN3 have bad parameters after correct  unit run perfectly.
  10. Good day, how can I communicate with SMC EX600 by Ethernet/IP have you any exemple? I do a setup by EIP configuration tool and write into EIP module but I cant switch any bit into EX600. Thanks
  11. Thx for reply, but configuration is ok, but i dont switch any bit or get status in plc, or send bit t9 switch any solenoid
  12. Good day, how can I send string data by buil-in ethernet. Maybe word 'TRIGGER,?
  13. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    Fx5-enet/ip on Mitsubishi pages, the first device send bits start u1/g60000 and get hits on u1/g12000
  14. Good day, I need help, how I read data from Balluff BVS001C Identification over ethernet? Thx a lot
  15. FX5U ENET/IP communication with EX260-SEN1

    Thank you for your reply, I read your topics before, and now when you say me about buffer variables I read a documentation  about fx5 enet/ip module and all is running perfectly. Tnx a lot
  16. Good day, I have Mitsubishi SN 18xxxxx with new firmware 1.111 and attached FX5-ENET/IP module to communicate with SMC EX260-SEN1, have you any example how send data into SMC over Ethernet/IP? Thanx for reply
  17. FX5U and SMC EX260 built in ethernet

    I have now a ENET-IP module with new PLC and Can you help me, how to send data to switch any solenoid? What can i do dont work
  18. Good day, I am new in mitsubishi and have a question about how build built in ethernet communication on fx5u fw 1.050 gx3 1.047 with smc ex260 sen1, where i need send 2 bytes and receive 4 bytes can u help me? I try to send data with this format 2#0000000100000001 and send by Ethernet Active Tcp connection library where I have added the external device configuration ip and port SMC EX260 SEN1, I think I needed use a CIP protocol and port 44818 or Ethernet/ip, maybe I need add a ENET module to use this communication between my devices? Thanks a lot for answers
  19. FX5U and SMC EX260 built in ethernet

    Thank for your reply, you are true, Mitsubishi said the same