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  1. Upgrading ACPU to IQ-R Series help

    why thank you for the offer,  while I do have 5 of these to do, I would not mind sharing one of them, if you could help me with a walk thru of the process.   I'm always eager to learn new PLC software  
  2. Greetings everyone, I'm new to Mitsubishi PLCs and have run into something that probably requires more guidance then I can dig up on my own. I've been asked to upgrade 5  ACPU series to an IQ-R series(r08en-cpu to be exact).   I have purchased gx works 3(includes gx works 2, and gx developer).  I found some (almost useless) documentation on converting the program over.   Thus far, I have done the following 1. opened gx developer, changed the plc type to q13udem, confirmed the changes, saved as a new file 2. opened gx works 2, opened other data file, selected the file I saved in step 1, saved this file in the new gx works 2 format 3. opened up gx works 3, and opened Gx Works 2 format file, and saved it as gx works 3.   when I go to change the CPU type from the R120(or whatever default gx works 3 does without asking), to R08EN-CPU it bitches about not having a network card to the right of the CPU.     is there an easy way to insert this module?  or an easy way to shift all the cards down a slot to facilitate this?  what other steps will I need to take to convert over an antique project such as this to an IQR my local distrubuter has been about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.    
  3. Greetings, I help administrate our controls network. We have a couple of windows 2008 server machine, and several clients running windows 7. The servers handle authentication(and also contain our asset centre) I'm trying to setup remote software deployment, i've done this before years ago for microsoft office, but have not had any luck doing this with any rockwell software. does anyone know how to do this? or found a way to create an MSI package to facilitate updating/installing rockwell software? the end result, i'm looking for all the clients to always have the latest software we own installed on them. Right now, i have at least 2 laptops, and 3 desktops all running different versions of 5000 on them, and its quite the PIA when some processors require v20, and the client only has v19..... thanks in advance.
  4. windows 8 compatibility

    has anyone tried windows 8 with rockwell software yet?
  5. Change outputs on PLC program

    this is an old thread, but i thought this would be worth mentioning... on the last ladder line of file 2, just add XIC O:0/3 OTE 0:2/03 ....its not the cleanest, but it works
  6. windows 8 compatibility

    unfortunantly i cant search for windows 8, because 8 is less then 2 characters or some mess. anyway on to my question the Rockwell apps that run on windows 7, will they run on windows 8? has anyone tried this?
  7. PLC weather station DIY project

    anyone have any suggestions on reading humidity?
  8. Square D Sy/Max

    oh really? i'm new to SQD and was asked to research this. i was told it was not a normal serial port. they have some kind of network setup (synet?) not sure on this either, i know you can program it threw the network not using a serial port.
  9. Does anyone know of an adapter for Square D's PLCs that does not require the use of the ISA board? a USB adapter or PCI adapter perhaps? and / or a network adapter and/or software to go with it for programming? Thanks
  10. PLC weather station DIY project

    not a bad idea, and much cheaper that i expected, however using something like this would i need to use a HSC card? or do you think that it would be fairly acurrate using a counter and a 1 second timer?
  11. I'm thinking about trying to design and implement a PLC based weather station at home, just to see if i can do it more then anything else. Here is what i was thinking parts wise(some parts i have, some i'd have to pickup) SLC 5/04 CPU DC Input card Thermocouple card Analog input card couple of prox switches and some aluminum tape. for windspeed: i was thinking of getting 2 pcs of PVC pipe that slide over each other, the outer peice of PVC i was thinking of attaching some strips of aluminum tape, and mounting a prox switch on the inside of the other peice of PVC. questions about this part: how fast can a prox switch change state? if i have a 1/2" gap(or perhaps 1/8" bigger gap then the head on the sensor) in the alum tape, would the prox switch be able to change state fast enough to measure wind speeds pretty accurately? I understand at a fast wind speeds the prox would propbably not be able to keep up with changing states. My reason for not using an encoder on this, is 1) cost, 2) i think the encoder would provide to much drag to get an accurate reading. wind direction: for wind direction, i was thinking of using alum tape only, running a common wire to the turning part, and having 4 'patches' of alum tape on the station part of the PVC pipe, (north, south, east, west). Rain gauge: For a rain gauge i was thinking of using another prox switch, along with some plans i found on the internet for making a tipping bucket type deal, again using a prox switch to check the state on the bucket. Temperature: Simple, just use a thermocouple card, and i was thinking of using more then 1 sensor location, and getting an average reading. Light brightness: Using a resistive photocell, and calibrating it for 4-20ma, to provide precentage of light. again, i would probably have 2 or 3 of theses scattered about to get a more accurate reading.