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Greetings everyone,

I'm new to Mitsubishi PLCs and have run into something that probably requires more guidance then I can dig up on my own.

I've been asked to upgrade 5  ACPU series to an IQ-R series(r08en-cpu to be exact).   I have purchased gx works 3(includes gx works 2, and gx developer).  I found some (almost useless) documentation on converting the program over.   Thus far, I have done the following

1. opened gx developer, changed the plc type to q13udem, confirmed the changes, saved as a new file

2. opened gx works 2, opened other data file, selected the file I saved in step 1, saved this file in the new gx works 2 format

3. opened up gx works 3, and opened Gx Works 2 format file, and saved it as gx works 3.


when I go to change the CPU type from the R120(or whatever default gx works 3 does without asking), to R08EN-CPU it bitches about not having a network card to the right of the CPU.  


is there an easy way to insert this module?  or an easy way to shift all the cards down a slot to facilitate this? 

what other steps will I need to take to convert over an antique project such as this to an IQR

my local distrubuter has been about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.



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Hi Fischb22.

Cant say im very experienced in GXWorks 3 or the iQR Series, however I would be more than happy to have a go at converting your project if you want?

I wouldn't imagine this will be a straight swap; considering something as old as the A Series to the newest Platform.




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why thank you for the offer,  while I do have 5 of these to do, I would not mind sharing one of them, if you could help me with a walk thru of the process.


I'm always eager to learn new PLC software


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Hi there,

You write you have a R08EN-CPU. Are you sure you have this? The reason I'm asking is that all the R's have an Ethernet port already built-in on the CPU, if you have the R**EN then it occupies two slots (twice the width of a regular module), and you have a total of 3 Ethernet ports on the "CPU unit".

IF you have the R08EN, you need to add an Ethernet module ("CPU Extension") to the rack in the parameter settings in GW3 (GX Works3). Simply do the following:

  1. Select "System Parameter" (under "Parameter")
  2. If not already selected, apply your mainboard/base
  3. Go to "I/O Assignment Setting" (in the tree to the left in your current System Parameter view)
  4. In slot 0(0-0), select "Module Type = CPU Extension", then select Module Name = [The module type you want it for] (the module type is what you want to use....)*
  5. OK/OK

Then you can configure all your networks. In the "Module Configuration" windows, it will look a little odd since it seems to be a R08 CPU and a regular Ethernet card - this is correct.

*The type is dependent on what you wish to use the extra Ethernet ports for. You now have one regular Ethernet port on the CPU, and you can choose between 1 Ethernet port and 1 CCLinkIE Field/Control, or a pure CCLinkIE Field/Control configuration.

It's best to configure this correctly the first time, as reconfiguration leads to resetting of parameters for the Ethernet ports, so ask here first if you are unsure which one to select. Then you wont have to constantly reconfigure the ports...

If you bump into issues during any stage, post some screenshots if possible - it helps us help you :-)

On a general note, Mitsubishi has been quite good with upgrading ancient PLC code, but from an old A to iQ-R (or even Q) is a pretty big jump.

And as a last comment; why on earth do you go from an A** to a R08EN??? If I recall (though it's a long time since I looked at an A system), even the biggest A's can fit their code into a smaller R-CPU. Do you plan on implementing a lot of new code into these CPU's? Can I ask which A model you are replacing?

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