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  1. Thank you very much, BobLfoot My broken module 1761-NET-DNI has address 29 and when I replace a new I know that Module 1747-SDN does not recognize this new module because of the wrong address so what should I do to make 1747-SDN recognize 1761-NET-DNI with the address 29, I have read the 1761-NET-DNI documentation but I don't know how to do it? can you give me some suggestions? Thank you so much  
  2. Dear All My system includes Module 1747-SDN which controls Micrologix via Module 1761-NET-DNI but Now Module 1761-NET-DNI is broken and I replace a new but the system issue error on both Module 1747-SDN and 1761 -NET-DNI. I don't know what I have to do when I replace Module 1761-NET-DNI? Thank you very much
  3. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Thanks Gambit  I have installed the Gx Configurator DP latest version 7.14Q and It is Ok Thanks for your strong support    
  4. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Thanks for your help, waynes I have installed Version 1.580E and a few other versions but it is not Ok I don't know why? do I need to install more other software to read the project in Instruction List? do I need to pay attention when installing Gx Works 2 software ? do I need to change anything on the Gx Works 2 software? ..... Thanks You      
  5. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Thank Gambit I send you the Project I look forward to hearing from you  
  6. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Hi Everyone When I open a project with Gx Works 2 but it is not possible to open project and issue error "it is not possible to open projects with IL Pous with this version of gx works 2" although I installed some version of Gx works 2 : Version 1.501x, 1.513k, 1.560J, 1.596w..... but is not Ok Now I don't know how to resolve this problem? Thank you so much        
  7. Cannot Open Got 2000 Program

    Thanks Gambit I think so I will request the password from programmer   Thanks you so much
  8. Cannot Open Got 2000 Program

    Hi Everyone! I uploaded the program from the Got 2000 screen, but when I opened it, I could not open and displayed a warning " This project data cannot be opened with the security key register in the PC "  as picture below. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much
  9. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thank Mr. Gambit I also think that the program can be programmed with an older version I will Download all Program to GOT later but I don't know if There is any problem when Download all programs with different Version? and I suppose it will take a lot of time when editing the program and Download to GOT Thank you very much, Mr. Gambit
  10. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thanks Mr Gambit If I create a new project and Download it to GOT, I can select between ''Synchronize'' and '' Select '' to Download. But when I Upload Program from GOT and then Download that Program to GOT or change in a Base Screen (for example: add a Switch ,Lamp...) and then Download to GOT => I cannot select '' Select '' Mode to Download Thanks for your reply
  11. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thank Mr Gambit I have used the latest software (Ver 1.217B) but cannot select from '' Synchronize '' to '' Select '' mode. Thanks for your help!
  12. An absolute beginner needs help with a PLC!

    You have to select FXCPU not QCPU 
  13. Hi everyone I use GT Designer 3 software to Download a Program to Got 2000 screen (I only want to Download some base Screen) but when I select '' Write Option '' to download, I cannot select '' Select '' to download some Base Screen (Not all Program ) Can anyone help me    
  14. Thanks you so much I already opened the project after updating the latest Version Got 2000   Thanks for your help
  15. Thanks Mr.Bryll When I upload the program from HMI, it is reported that It can be saved but it cannot be opened as the image below I am sure the project was written on Got 2000 (Model of the screen is: GS2110-WTBD) so it cannot be opened with Got 1000, even though I have visited Mitsubishi's website  and updated to the highest version (Got 2000  Ver 1.217B) Thanks so much