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  1. Thank you very much, BobLfoot My broken module 1761-NET-DNI has address 29 and when I replace a new I know that Module 1747-SDN does not recognize this new module because of the wrong address so what should I do to make 1747-SDN recognize 1761-NET-DNI with the address 29, I have read the 1761-NET-DNI documentation but I don't know how to do it? can you give me some suggestions? Thank you so much  
  2. Dear All My system includes Module 1747-SDN which controls Micrologix via Module 1761-NET-DNI but Now Module 1761-NET-DNI is broken and I replace a new but the system issue error on both Module 1747-SDN and 1761 -NET-DNI. I don't know what I have to do when I replace Module 1761-NET-DNI? Thank you very much
  3. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Thanks for your help, waynes I have installed Version 1.580E and a few other versions but it is not Ok I don't know why? do I need to install more other software to read the project in Instruction List? do I need to pay attention when installing Gx Works 2 software ? do I need to change anything on the Gx Works 2 software? ..... Thanks You      
  4. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Thank Gambit I send you the Project I look forward to hearing from you  
  5. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Thanks Gambit  I have installed the Gx Configurator DP latest version 7.14Q and It is Ok Thanks for your strong support    
  6. Mitsubishi Gx works 2

    Hi Everyone When I open a project with Gx Works 2 but it is not possible to open project and issue error "it is not possible to open projects with IL Pous with this version of gx works 2" although I installed some version of Gx works 2 : Version 1.501x, 1.513k, 1.560J, 1.596w..... but is not Ok Now I don't know how to resolve this problem? Thank you so much        
  7. Cannot Open Got 2000 Program

    Thanks Gambit I think so I will request the password from programmer   Thanks you so much
  8. Cannot Open Got 2000 Program

    Hi Everyone! I uploaded the program from the Got 2000 screen, but when I opened it, I could not open and displayed a warning " This project data cannot be opened with the security key register in the PC "  as picture below. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much
  9. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thank Mr. Gambit I also think that the program can be programmed with an older version I will Download all Program to GOT later but I don't know if There is any problem when Download all programs with different Version? and I suppose it will take a lot of time when editing the program and Download to GOT Thank you very much, Mr. Gambit
  10. Hi everyone I use GT Designer 3 software to Download a Program to Got 2000 screen (I only want to Download some base Screen) but when I select '' Write Option '' to download, I cannot select '' Select '' to download some Base Screen (Not all Program ) Can anyone help me    
  11. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thanks Mr Gambit If I create a new project and Download it to GOT, I can select between ''Synchronize'' and '' Select '' to Download. But when I Upload Program from GOT and then Download that Program to GOT or change in a Base Screen (for example: add a Switch ,Lamp...) and then Download to GOT => I cannot select '' Select '' Mode to Download Thanks for your reply
  12. Cannot Download some base Screen on Got 2000

    Thank Mr Gambit I have used the latest software (Ver 1.217B) but cannot select from '' Synchronize '' to '' Select '' mode. Thanks for your help!
  13. An absolute beginner needs help with a PLC!

    You have to select FXCPU not QCPU 
  14. Thanks you so much I already opened the project after updating the latest Version Got 2000   Thanks for your help
  15. Hi everybody     I used the software GT designer 3 Ver 1.210U to open a Got 2000 program (written by software 1.156N) but could not open it and I do not currently have Software Ver 1.156N So I don't know how I can open this program with 1.210U software?   Thanks so much
  16. Thanks Mr.Bryll When I upload the program from HMI, it is reported that It can be saved but it cannot be opened as the image below I am sure the project was written on Got 2000 (Model of the screen is: GS2110-WTBD) so it cannot be opened with Got 1000, even though I have visited Mitsubishi's website  and updated to the highest version (Got 2000  Ver 1.217B) Thanks so much    
  17. Thanks Mr.Theo V I have visited Mitsubishi's website and have updated Version Got 2000 but I still can not open the project even though my Version is higher than the Version of the project  Thanks for reply  
  18. Hi everybody My system has 5 servo motors controlled by CPU Q170MSCPU and Q170MSCPU is controlled by Encoder with number of pulses is 3600P/R but the problem is that this Encoder is broken and I don't have this type of Encoder to replace but I only have Encoder type with number pulse of 600P/R. So I don't know which parameter I have to change in the MT Developer 2 program so that the system will work well with the Encoder with pulse number of 600P / R We wish the help of everyone Thank you advance
  19.   Hi  everyone I have a 1747-UIC  cable but there is no driver of the cable, I have searched  it on the internet but I do not see anything, So you can give me the driver?   Thanks so much
  20. Great, I connected 1747-UIC to the computer Thank you so much  
  21. How to connect Address between 2 CPU

    Thanks for your reply, Now I understand how to connect between them Thanks you so much
  22. Hi everyone My system consists of 2 main stations with 2 CPU Q06UDEH and connected together by QJ71GP21S-SX module but I don't know how to link the address between these 2 CPU together? so can anyone help me? Thanks so much     
  23. Hi everyone My system consists of 2 main stations with 2 CPU Q06UDEH and connected together by QJ71GP21S-SX module but I don't know how to link the address between these 2 CPU together? so can anyone help me? Thanks so much   
  24. Thanks Kaare_t   If I use the software Gx works 2 and Read from Plc and Verify will match with  plc but in this case  unfortunately all FB in the program is lost completely. If I use original program and modify to That program Match with Plc so I have to spend a lot of time so do you know how to use the original program and upload override the original program and the program is uploaded have FB and fully Match with plc   Thanks for your help
  25. Hi Everyone I modify the program on gx works 2 (in the program somewhere was programmed by FB) then downloaded some program to Plc (Q06UDEH) but then I accidentally deleted that program on my PC and I took the program that was not modified before( original program ) and upload from PLC when uploading finished I made Verify but the program was uploaded  Mismatch with PLC as picture below. Now I do not know how to get my original program (have FB and comment) and upload the program from Plc and Verify to match with Plc? please help me! Thanks