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  1. Error 288:47 Fail to online monitor s7 400 CPU

    Select this driver and comm with MPI cable?
  2. Error 288:47 Fail to online monitor s7 400 CPU

    I check the model. This PLC comes with only one port MPI/DP. The only way to comm and online monitor is choosing the correct driver - Profibus?
  3. Error 288:47 Fail to online monitor s7 400 CPU

    I had tried all the transmission speed 19.2kbps, 187.5kbps and 1.5Mbps. But still unable to online monitor the CPU program.  
  4. This is not the first time we online upload and monitor PLC program from S7400 CPU. After we upload the program from the CPU, we are unable to online monitor. May I ask what problem could it be?   I had tried the settings at PG/PC interface, but the error 288:47 still coming in.
  5. We are going to upgrade mitsubishi PLC from Q series to R series. For existing MNET/H Mode networks, there already have existing PLCs that using QJ71LP21-25. Is there any problem if we use RJ71LP21-25 to connect with QJ71LP21-25? Just to confirm one more thing that the existing optical fiber cables of QJ71LP21-25 can be reused for RJ71LP21-25? I check online they are compatible.
  6. RJ71C24-R4 Modbus holding register

    I found the problem. It has to use hexadecimal for start device number...........................................................
  7. Mitsubishi R16PCPU H1B50 error

    So anybody knows how to solve the problem? Is it doing like this?
  8. RJ71C24-R4 Modbus holding register

    Based on the settings I attached below, I succeeded to linkup the data from PLC to modscan coil register. However, for holding register, when I force value 2000 to D2000. My modscan holding register 40001 cannot show the value. Anyone knows what is the problem? Could it be my settings wrong or I pointed to the wrong address?
  9. Mitsubishi R16PCPU H1B50 error

    I also saw the corrective action description that saying to delete the module extension parameter from the CPU and write it to the module. Honestly, how to do that?
  10. Mitsubishi R16PCPU H1B50 error

    I had tried set SM1762 and reset the system using reset dip switch. The error H1B50 is still coming.  I checked the SD1642, it is showing the failure of network module. I suspect the RJ71LP21-25 error that causes the problem. We are still doing FAT in the office and haven't link optic fiber to RJ71LP21-25 yet. But the system diagnostic is showing the error at the RJ71C24-C4 slot (I/O No.: 0080).  
  11. Mitsubishi R16PCPU H1B50 error

    The SM1762 bit is not set. Not easy to figure out what actual error it is. By the way, both control and standby system backup mode LEDs keep flashing.
  12. Mitsubishi R16PCPU H1B50 error

    May I know how do I reset this error? It has been bugging me quite a while, and I'm not sure what is the reason. When I check the settings, there is no error. Anyone can help?
  13. GX Works3 Forcing Analog IO

  14. GX Works3 Forcing Analog IO

    Hi folks, I know how to force digital input and output, but I don't know how to force analog input and output without having to change the program. Can anyone shed some lights on this? 
  15. Hi folks, I'm using TM200CE40R comm with SMS modem  GT-7600E via TMCR2SL1 RS232. I was using send_receive_msg to send the SMS functions. The SMS has been sent out successfully.  I can get "OK" response at hyperterminal. However, I'm facing a problem to get the modem response "OK" at PLC. I always receive the same commands that I had sent out. Then, I turn off the echo mode by using AT command ATE0. Suppose I should get "OK". In the end, I get 16#0D0D (carriage return).  Anyone have better idea to counter this or any experience to have better setup? Do I have to use SR2MOD03 with send_receive_sms function?