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  2. Hi Folks, I want to do commissioning on VFD drive ATV610D15N4. Is there any software that I can retrieve parameters like Somove, Powersuite or PC Soft?
  3. Mitsubishi Servo MR-J4 Program

    Hi Folks, I'm having MR-J4-60A servo amplifier. But it seems like I could not use positioning mode to program the amplifier. Should I use MR-J4-60ARJ servo amplifier instead?
  4. Hi folks, one of my project was installing new analog module Q66AD-DG to Mitsubishi redundant PLC Q12PRH. All the configuration that had been done in GX developer and program in PX developer were working. I had compiled and downloaded the program. However, when I power off the PLC and power on again, the applied changes was not inside the PLC, the PLC still used the original program.We had to reformat the PLC. After that, write an empty program to Mistubishi PLC, and then redownload the correct program into the PLC. Is it because my modification had only been done in program memory. When PLC reboot, it loaded the program from ROM?Is there any experts mind to share what is going on here?