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  1. Hi folks, I'm using TM200CE40R comm with SMS modem  GT-7600E via TMCR2SL1 RS232. I was using send_receive_msg to send the SMS functions. The SMS has been sent out successfully.  I can get "OK" response at hyperterminal. However, I'm facing a problem to get the modem response "OK" at PLC. I always receive the same commands that I had sent out. Then, I turn off the echo mode by using AT command ATE0. Suppose I should get "OK". In the end, I get 16#0D0D (carriage return).  Anyone have better idea to counter this or any experience to have better setup? Do I have to use SR2MOD03 with send_receive_sms function?
  2. GOT2000 close window screen after some time

    I figured out a way to solve the problem. I used GS7 to store to a temporary register, compare and close the window screen. Thanks.
  3. Is there anyway to close the window screen automatically after certain period of time? The only way that might work is using screen script but I don't know where to get the open status of window screen and command to close the window screen.  The type of window screen is overlap window.
  4. GOT2000 close window screen after some time

    Yes, I have the same idea. I had found the GOT screen switching register, GD101. I was able to control the screen switching function in simulation. However, I don't know how to get the Timer instruction inside the script.
  5. FX3U GOT2000 RS485 Setting

    Guys, I'm using PLC (FX3U-64M) to communicate with HMI (GT2308-VTBA) using expansion board (FX3U-485-BD). Since the PLC is at the site and I don't have actual PLC to test. May I ask the parameters that I had configured below are correct? Why GOT side doesn't have data length, parity and stop bit to configure?      
  6. FX3U GOT2000 RS485 Setting

    Even if I'm using FX3U-422-BD expansion board, the GOT setting side still doesn't have data bits, parity and stop bit. RS232 also the same. Anyone knows why? On youtube, someone is using FX3U to communicate with other brand HMI by using FX3U-485-BD. In the video, the HMI got the data bits, parity and stop bit setting. However, in my case why GOT side doesn't have it? Did I configure the wrong setting?  
  7. RS422 pinout

    Hi Folks, I want to confirm the information of RS422 pinout of DB9 GT2308-VTBA and mini din 8p of FX3U-64M. I couldn't find any information inside the manuals and any other website. The attached files below are the only information that I have found on the internet and I'm not so sure. The reason is I need to use TCC-120i serial repeater to connect RS422 with ethernet. Therefore, I need the pinout.   Serial Pinout.xlsx
  8. QJ71MB91 Fail to read holding register

    Problem has been solved. Modsim simulator has to set correctly before master plc modbus module interface with the simulator. Thanks all.
  9. Hi Folks, CPU: Q03UDVCPU, Modbus Module: QJ71MB91 Anyone knows what have I done wrong with my setup? Parameters, wiring connection or I need to write special instructions? Theoretically, it shouldn't be so difficult to get the readings. Now, I can't monitor any values from data register D0 ~ D199.
  10. QJ71MB91 Fail to read holding register

    Thanks Mr.Gambit, I had reduced the number of access points to 10 and I was able to read the data.  I had done a few tests. It seems the Mitsubishi PLC only can see the data when access points were fixed at 30 or below. If I set more than that, the PLC will show 7360H error and no readings. I'm not sure is it slave problem or master configuration problem.
  11. QJ71MB91 Fail to read holding register

    I'm using 2 wire connection for RS485.
  12. Hi Folks, I had followed the datasheet to do wiring connection. I write the programs, set parameters in Mr. Configurator 2 but the servo only responds when I'm doing single-step feed troubleshooting or program test-mode. No errors and No alarms. Any experts mind to give me some hints why the servo cannot start in auto operation even though ST1 has been turned on?    
  13. Sorry for the late reply.
  14. Yes. I had done the initialization before this post. It's still not moving during actual auto operation.
  16. Hi Folks, I want to do commissioning on VFD drive ATV610D15N4. Is there any software that I can retrieve parameters like Somove, Powersuite or PC Soft?
  17. Mitsubishi Servo MR-J4 Program

    Hi Folks, I'm having MR-J4-60A servo amplifier. But it seems like I could not use positioning mode to program the amplifier. Should I use MR-J4-60ARJ servo amplifier instead?
  18. Hi folks, one of my project was installing new analog module Q66AD-DG to Mitsubishi redundant PLC Q12PRH. All the configuration that had been done in GX developer and program in PX developer were working. I had compiled and downloaded the program. However, when I power off the PLC and power on again, the applied changes was not inside the PLC, the PLC still used the original program.We had to reformat the PLC. After that, write an empty program to Mistubishi PLC, and then redownload the correct program into the PLC. Is it because my modification had only been done in program memory. When PLC reboot, it loaded the program from ROM?Is there any experts mind to share what is going on here?