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I am connecting several computers and NS12 HMIs with a CJ2 PLC using EtherNet/IP protocol. And I would like to know the FINS Address (Net.Node.Unit) of the HMI and the computers.
I would like to use the FINS Write Access  Log Read (21 40) command to detect some commands from the HMIs and from the computers, however I am not sure how to differentiate the origin of each write access because the FINS Address is not related with the IP Address, in fact, different devices are using the same FINS Address. 

I suppose I need to fix their addresses using an IP Address Table. Right?? Anyway, I only know to do that with UDP, but I don't know how to do that under Ethernet/IP.

Thank you.

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FINS address should be the last octet of the IP address


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That was I expected, that is using UDP.
But using Ethernet/IP, as I am telling, different devices with different IP addresses are detected with the same FINS address (normally, F1.0.F1 or F2.0.F2), even when they are connected simultaneously. 
Thank you for your attention. 

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