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  1. IQ app

    Hey guys, we're considering this app, but our local mitsu dealer has no practical experience with it... Does anyone of you have any experience with it? What impact can we expect on our workflow? Our programming team has five people and we currently have all our software organized only in folders on a shared drive.   As always, thank you in advance.     edit: our factory runs exclusively on mitsu PLCs
  2. hello guys, I´ve got this wierd error (wtf1), if i switch it from NC to NO contact it goes through rebuild without problem (wtf2), relevant part of SDT on picture wtf3... I´ve GX works ver: 1.612N Anyone ever encountered this? What was your solution?   thanks  
  3. after consultation with local mitsu we solved it like this and they are trying to find cause and solution...
  4. Unknown operations

    D750 is device Z0 is used as offset.... if you have, lets say, 10 stored in Z0, it will use value stored in D760 (750+10)
  5. HydMech control issues

    hello and welcome,   may i ask you what HMI?
  6. OT: Mitsu web redesigned

    Hello, since they redesigned the mitsubishi FA website I am unable to find software updates. Is it my fault or did they forget to put them in?   Thanks
  7. iqR + FTP

    Hello guys,   I've another question. We are starting with R platform and we have some problems with FTP functions. We want to acces SD card via FTP to upload, delete files to/on it. But we can't see files on card via FTP,  but PLC is able to read them. I'm pretty sure we have missed something basic, but we are manual blind after seven day binge testing...   thanks for advice/right manual direction   EDIT: local mitsu borrowed us R with firmware 10
  8. GX works3 - label vs device check

    thank you
  9. hi guys, is there any easy and global way how check if the same device isn´t associated with multiple labels? (ie M_start M300 and M_whatever M300)
  10. QCPU to 2x kyence iv2

    ok, solved, I made a rookie mistake and trusted what the maintenance and production guys told me.
  11. QCPU to 2x kyence iv2

    Hello all, we are using Q03UDECPU and via built-in ethernet port its connected to two IV2-G30. (through unmanaged switch) to establish connection we are using FB LQnUDEEthActive (hereinafter referred to as  FBLQ) two instances of FBLQ in two instaces of our FB which is responsible for creating messages that are then send via FBLQ Both keyence devices have different IPs, ports and connection number. Problem is that it is working flawlessly, except the time its not working :/ from time to time it simply doesnt trigger Keyence device. It looks so far like its independt of turning machine OFF/ON, also both keyence devices are used in different times (about 10-20seconds of difference) Im currently working on sime kind of internal diagnosis to see whats happening when its not working, but im just curious if there is something obvious we are missing? any help will be apreciated Thanks  
  12. Compare two PLC programs in GX Work2

    hello, right click in window with instructions then "Next unmatch"
  13. GXWorks2 - Quotation mark string constant

    hi, is it ok like this?
  14. Number of ON bits in word

    thank you life saver
  15. Number of ON bits in word

    Hello guys, I´m unable to find instruction which would return how many bits are ON in word (like 1 for 2, 4, 8... 2 for 3, 5, 9 etc..) I was searching through manuals, but without any result... Maybe wrong keywords, maybe to many hours today..   Thanks in advance

    yeah, i can totaly see it now

    Hello all, kinda lazy question, but I'll rather ask, before I'll went to deep into HMI scripting. Because of a design of CC link, there are RWr and RWw Is there any simpler solution for displaying value stored in PLC, while also letting HMI operator change the value and save it to PLC, than scriting in HMI? hope it makes sense to you thank you in advance

    its GT2508-VTBD, we have it connected to R08EN CPU, via cc link ie field in ring configuration....   It works okay, but when you need to change value displayed on HMI its little bit of pain in the ...

    its part of long CC link chain, it would mean extra cable through line
  20. CC LINK Communication Error

    according to mitsu manual  (chapter 8.1) when LERR is flashing its caused by conection cables
  21. CC LINK Communication Error

    hello, you would have to share more details, but i would start checking cables and connectors
  22. RIWT special relay

    Hello and thank you @AndreasW, it looks like my memory failed me, but i´ve found some help in manual listed.
  23. RIWT special relay

    Once agin hello all, im pretty sure, that in the past i found in some manual special relay (SB????), that was set on when PLC was executing RIWT instruction. Now im trying to find once again, but with no luck, ive searched through all manuals that looked relevant, but nothing... any help will be highly appreciated.
  24. Constants in array

    Hello all, is there a way to declare an array of constants with different values for each of array element?
  25. Security on word lamp

    hello, i would use script for this   if([w:D0]<2){ = 0;}else{ = 1;} redraw_object(); where D0 is Security Level Device from security setting and "2" is security level of my choice