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  1. Number of ON bits in word

    thank you life saver
  2. Number of ON bits in word

    Hello guys, I´m unable to find instruction which would return how many bits are ON in word (like 1 for 2, 4, 8... 2 for 3, 5, 9 etc..) I was searching through manuals, but without any result... Maybe wrong keywords, maybe to many hours today..   Thanks in advance

    yeah, i can totaly see it now

    Hello all, kinda lazy question, but I'll rather ask, before I'll went to deep into HMI scripting. Because of a design of CC link, there are RWr and RWw Is there any simpler solution for displaying value stored in PLC, while also letting HMI operator change the value and save it to PLC, than scriting in HMI? hope it makes sense to you thank you in advance

    its GT2508-VTBD, we have it connected to R08EN CPU, via cc link ie field in ring configuration....   It works okay, but when you need to change value displayed on HMI its little bit of pain in the ...

    its part of long CC link chain, it would mean extra cable through line
  7. CC LINK Communication Error

    according to mitsu manual  (chapter 8.1) when LERR is flashing its caused by conection cables
  8. CC LINK Communication Error

    hello, you would have to share more details, but i would start checking cables and connectors
  9. RIWT special relay

    Hello and thank you @AndreasW, it looks like my memory failed me, but i´ve found some help in manual listed.
  10. RIWT special relay

    Once agin hello all, im pretty sure, that in the past i found in some manual special relay (SB????), that was set on when PLC was executing RIWT instruction. Now im trying to find once again, but with no luck, ive searched through all manuals that looked relevant, but nothing... any help will be highly appreciated.
  11. Constants in array

    Hello all, is there a way to declare an array of constants with different values for each of array element?
  12. Security on word lamp

    hello, i would use script for this   if([w:D0]<2){ = 0;}else{ = 1;} redraw_object(); where D0 is Security Level Device from security setting and "2" is security level of my choice
  13. Hi, not a ladder but it should work as you want, if i understand it correctly
  14. hello there, hope I´ll be able to help a little, FX5 have some internal support of modbus comunication in attached screenshot you'll find where it find bellow is manual dedicated to FX5 modbus
  15. GT designer 3 HMI

    Hello, sorry for delay, but tbh i've totaly forget about it... in attachment you have file with simple example of offset use, you can try it in simulation with empty program in GX works 2 simulator. Hope this will help pks.GTW
  16. Adressing extention module FX3

    hello,   digital I/Os dont care about position, it will always go 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,11 ... 97,100,101
  17. GT designer 3 HMI

    so, you wanna have one basic screen with ten motors and one pop up window with three buttons with address depending on which motor was chosen? if i understanded it, then   use  switch on main screen with ůword action" set constant with number of engine in pop up screen use switch and use offset (in extended tab) which will be defined by constant from main page  to use devices conected to engines   have no time to test it and attach screens right now, but hopefully it will send you in right direction
  18. Convert Got 1000 program into Got 2000

    hello, go to system tab in sidebar, then GOT setting>Type setting> change GOT1000 to GOT2000   then just click your way through conversion setup once GT designer for GOT2000 is opened
  19. Communication of Fx PLCs over MODBUS TCP/TP

    hello, depending on other things, it maybe would be cheaper to use some mitsu HMI (and will be much easier), because based on what i know, you will have to buy ENET card for each of your PLCs (FX3GE have enet port, but with locked ports under 1000, so modbus is mostly unaviable because it is using port 502, so you'll have to buy ENET-502 card), and tbh im not even sure if older PLCs have 502 versions of enet cards...   Also there is program to use modbus TCP done by mitsubishi but only for FX3, so you will have to adapt it for older ones...
  20. Hello all, do you know if there is some place on the internet where information about changes in new versions can be found? By pure luck I've found today that mitsubishi greatly enhanced their compiler (about 25% less steps from FBD in v. 1.053F compared to previous one),  I wonder what other things I've missed...
  21. GX works 3 - new version change log

    Cool, thank you both!
  22. Exceed maximum step size

    now i see... have you considered using of FX-EEPROM-16? It is just memory cassette, so there is no need to rebuild your old machine. You  can search ebay, but our local mitsu dealer is still offering them... Simple ladder is in theory most efficient, when it comes to step size    
  23. Exceed maximum step size

    Hello, is there any reason why you simply cant rise memory capacity to 16k?
  24. CC-Link IE Field basic master

    You''ll be able to program and setup your FX5 with GXworks3, it can work as CC link IE basic master for network of up to 6 slaves...   from pure curiosity, can you share some details of your project?
  25. CC-Link IE Field basic master

    according to CLPA these are your only options nonPLC CC link IE basic masters in link bellow