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  1. Confused over Function Block Counters

    lol :D no. its gx works 3. but i think the algorithm is same
  2. Confused over Function Block Counters

    @mitsibushiman Hi! i've same problem.. .how did you reset it ? 
  3. GT Designer - Alarm Screen

    Oh , okay.. Thank you very much 
  4. GT Designer - Alarm Screen

    Hi @Gambit , thanks for your answer. But i couldnt. do it. Did you add describes from "External Output"?
  5. GT Designer - Alarm Screen

    Hello all.. I have a program for my customer.  There is an alarm page.  They want a solution screen for alarms. For example ; if there is an alarm , they will click a button near the alarm. They will see solutions for that alarms in a pop-up page. Is it possible with GT Designer  3 ? Thanks
  6. Short way to write contacts in OR gate ?

    Thanks friends 
  7. Short way to write contacts in OR gate ?

    Hi @AndreasW , can you show an example pls_ ? i couldnt do this :/
  8. Hello All.. I have a block that does not look aesthetically pleasing. I have around 200 alarms. And i connected all alarms to OR gate.  If there is an alarm , M211 is on. M211 is for led and GOT alarm device. Is there any short way to write this block? Because its not aesthetically :/  PLC: IQ-F/ FX5U Thank you..