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  1. Hello everyone, Help me, how to link PLC Mitsubishi Q series with WEBfactory Scada....I begin programming PLC Mitsubishi ...,so i don't know...

    I am doing project using PIDAT instruction to control pressure 0-3 bar, I use analog module CP1W MAD11 AND CPU CP1E N30, input signal  4-20 mA, why word result of PIDAT instruction is always & 4095 when the output of analog module is & 6000, if i want word result of PIDAT is 6000 how to do, i have attached the program below, hope everyone help test4.cxp
  3. i have problem to ask you, hope you help me. i  used APR instruction in PLC CP1E N30, and i have reference some examples of APR command, i do not understand why MOVE # 8000 into Word control. I have attached the image below. Can you explain this problem.I am using analog module CP1W MAD11 has 2 input channels as input 0: 0-10v, input 1: 4-20mA, analog output: 0-10, so Can I MOVE # 8000 into Word Control ? i want to scale pressure value 0 -10bar with range 0-6000,thank you


  4. Hi Kaysteel,i read your example pid program.i don't understand why you Move #8000 in DATA1 when you use APR instructions,I do not understand what the # 8000 number means, can you explain it to me?I want to control pressure read from the pressure sensor 0 to 10bar with the signal range is 4 - 20 mA how to do, i just plc omron programming so not very understanding


  5. CX-supervisor

    I want to send data from internet to cx-supervisor via cx-supervisor website but error. i don't know how to resolve this problem .I attach photo below, people help me with
  6. module analog

    gclshorttt ,I am very grateful that you have guided me in detail, thank you very much....
  7. module analog

    pfort ,Are you sure, I say module CP1MA-MAD01. I have attached the picture of part 7 as you said below. See no module CP1MA-MAD01.
  8. module analog

    Hi everyone, i have a problem to ask, please help, Can i connect the analog module CPM1A MAD01 to the PLC CP1L-EM30DR-D ? me
  9. APR AND SCL instruction problem

    BITS N BYTES,thank for your help..
  10. APR AND SCL instruction problem

    hi Innoaloe, Is there any way to handle the analog signal on this CPU? If there is support equipment, can you guide me? thank you very much
  11. APR AND SCL instruction problem

    INNOALOE ,i appreciate your idea,I wonder if I am using the CP1E-N20DRA CPU, if I want to process analog signals, can I use the MAD01 module to connect to this CPU?  
  12. APR AND SCL instruction problem

    In your opinion, using both commands or which one to use also, I have read some posts, they recommend using the APR,because the APR creates a broken line approximation graph which is useful for converting actual values from non-linear analogue input sources.In my project, I use pressure sensor to read the pressure in the pipe, then use PID control to stabilize the pressure by the set value. I am new to Omron PLC programming, can you explain clearly on this issue. thank you
  13. APR AND SCL instruction problem

    Hi everyone Can anybody explain APR and SCL commands when using APR or SCL commands. I am using CPU CP1E N20 CPU, analog module MAD01, pressure sensor reading on 4 to 20 mA signal, for control PID ... so I should use the APR or SCL command to output value is correctly.
  14. PID in CP1L,HELP ME

    Hi All, Could anybody send some sample PID ladder to control pressure value in CP1L? Regards